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LCS Directory

Through our Coach Certification Program, we train and certify top coaches from all over the world.
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Katrina Ubell

Master Life and Weight Loss Coach

Wendi Wray

Life & Weight Coach for Veterans

Ashwini Nayak, MD

Life and Leadership Coach

Phoebe Grace Montemayor

Overcoming Pain & Christian Life Coach

Pam Howard

Master Parenting Coach

Jay Rush

Parenting and Life Coach

Serene Shereef

Mindfulness & Productivity Life Coach for Professional Women

Clotilde Dusoulier

Master Coach

Karen C.L. Anderson

Boundaries Coach for Adult Daughters

Bev Aron

The Deep Dive Coach

Eugenia Nascimneto

Parenting with Insight Life Coach

Rae Tsai

Life and Weight Coach

Ben Pugh

The Parent and Teen Coach

Katie Pulsifer

Master Life Coach

Danny Poelman, DDS

The How to Stop Looking at Porn Coach

Heather Frazier

Life Coach for Mothers of Teens

Mel Peirce

Parenting and Life Coach

Jessie Mahoney, MD

Mindful Life & Relationship Coach

Stacey Mendelson

Divorce Coach

Heather Rasband

Life Coach

Caro Szabo

The French Parisian Life & Weightloss Coach

Kristen Goodman

Life Coach for Moms of Teens

Laura Dry

The Overwhelm Coach

Susan Crandall

Business, Marketing & Mindset Coach for Career Women

Rebecca Kaye

Life Coach for Midlife Moms

Susie Pettit

Mindfulness Coach for Midlife Moms

Amy Koch

Anxiety/Confidence Coach for Teens & Adults

Ethel MacArthur RN,BSN,MScN,HTP,CLC

Life and Vitality Coach for Women 60 & Above

Lauren Fair

Divorce Coach

Gina Conover

Self-Confidence Coach

Robin Johnson

Single Mom's Empty Nester Life Coach

Emily Ginn

IVF & Infertility Coach

Charise Naifeh

Life and Career Coach for Lawyer Moms

Maureen Doyle

Life After Divorce Coach

Elisa Boden, MD

Health and Life Coach for Women with IBD

Kristin Lindell

Relationship Coach for Stepmoms

Rebecca Tervo

Life Coach

Amber McNamee

Life Coach for Moms with Christian Values

Amber Haider

Life Coach

Susan Estringel

A YOU Centered Life Coach

Amy Babiuch, MD

Life & Mindset Coach for Parents of Children with Hidden Disabilities

Mikki Gardner

Life Coach

Veerle Van Laere

Life Coach

Christi Davis

Family Relationship Coach

Danielle Thienel

Life Coach for Catholic Moms

Margaret Koehler

Parent Coach

MLE (Emily) Wardrop

Peaceful Parenting Life Coach

Denita Bremer

Deep Dive Shame Coach

Riece Morris

Life Coach for Moms

Megan Thomas

Homeschool Coach

Meg Bennett

Anxiety Coach

Sunny Smith MD

Empowering Women Physicians

Hope Seidel, MD

Life and Parenting Coach, Pediatrician

Liz Carroll

Financial Life Coach

Michelle S. Williams

Life Coach and Plant Spirit Medicine Integration

Shannon Resare

Life Coach for Working Moms

Michelle Chestovich, MD

Life Coach for Physician Moms

Dr. Michael Hogue

Neuroplasticity Coach

Becky Hoschek

Life Coach for Working Moms

Jaime Marshall

Life Coach for Moms Made for More

Andra Erickson

Mom of Multiples Coach

Jacquie Mills

Confidence Coach for Mums

Cali Pope

Empowerment Coach

Chelle Johnson

Life Coach

Gia Guidry

Coach for Young Women

Bayla Abdurachmanov

Identity Coach for Moms

Jacquel Tholl

Christ-Centered Life Coach for Moms

Stephanie Rosenfield

Toddler Mom Coach

Billiejo Mullett

Blended Family Coach

Stacie Fletcher

Sports Mindset Coach for Athletes, Parents and Sports Coaches

Dixie Dunn

Relationship Coach

Darrin Thomas

The JH/HS Kid and Parent Coach

Chelsea Paxton

Faith Crisis & Transition Coach

Tabitha Neal

Co-parenting Marriage Coach

Crystal Noelle

Parent Coach

Lisa Madsen, LCSW

Life Coach for Burned Out Caregivers

Ceri Payne

Business and Time Management Coach for Moms

Natalia Schneidmiller

Coach for Moms of Boys

Andrea Dow

Weight Neutral Body Image Coach

Mindy Neal

Blended Family Coach

Nina Frusztajer, MD, MS

Life, Nutrition & Wellness Coach

Erin Weinman

Parenting Life Coach

Tina Gosney

Life and Parenting Coach for LDS Parents with an LGBTQ Child

Marinda Tervo

Happiness Coach for Moms

Marc Hildebrand

Law Enforcement and First Responder Coach

Meagan Norris

The Stressed Mom Coach

Lara McElderry

Relationship and Life Coach for Those Married to Physicians

Jodi Schilling

The Good Mom Coach

Kara Stefancik

Work From Home Coach

Kathleen Allen

Active Life Coach

Carla Moats

Life, Career, and Business Coach for Midlife Women

Maria Strange

Life Coach

Jennifer Knittle Rose

Coach for Moms Parenting Sons with ADHD

Heidi Dunkley

The Coach for Stressed Out Moms

Deana Imhoff

Life Coach for Women in Agriculture

Natalie Bacon, JD, CFP

Life and Business Coach for Women and Moms