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LCS Directory

Through our Coach Certification Program, we train and certify top coaches from all over the world.
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Freedom, Confidence, and Inner Peace Facilitator


The Thriving Teen & Sports Mindset Coach


Career & Life Coach


How to Stop Looking at Porn For Doctors


The Parent and Teen Coach


Anger, Time, and Mindset Coach


Brain & Life Coach for Neurodivergents and Their Families


Success Coach for High School and College Students

Worry, Overwhelm and Anxiety Parenting Coach

Life and Mom Coach

Life Coach for Teens & Young Adults

Eating Disorder & Dis-ordered Eating Recovery Coach

Teen Anxiety Coach

Relationship Coach

Freedom from Anxiety Coach

Teen Life Coach

Life Coach for Moms of Teens

Showing artists how to love the audition process by reducing anxiety.

Moms With Teen Daughters Coach

Confidence Coach for Young Adult Women

The College Coach

Everyday Challenges Coach

The Relationship Anxiety Coach

Coach for Parents of Highly Sensitive Kids

Anxiety Coach for Teens

Parents of Struggling Teens Coach

Teen Mindset Coach

Teen Life Coach

Teen Life Coach

Youth Life Coach

Next Right Thing Coach for Parents of Q+ kiddos of Conservative Faith Background

Confidence Coach for Women and Teenage Girls

Certified Feminist Parenting Coach

Relationship Coach, Certified Life Coach

Parenting and Life Coach

Anxiety Coach

Life Coach for Go-Getters Who Are Stuck

Coach for Parents of Teens and Young Adults who are Struggling

Parent Life Coach

Coach for People Who Grew Up with an Unavailable Parent

Family, Life & Health Coach for Mothers of Faith

Marriage and Family Thrive Coach

Christian Career, Life, & Purpose Coach

Anxiety/Confidence Coach for Teens & Adults

Faith Crisis & Transition Coach

Mental Health and Addictions Life Coach

Sports Mindset Coach for Athletes, Parents and Sports Coaches

Confidence Coach for Mothers of Teenagers

Coach for Young Women

WFPB/ LDS Weight Loss & General Christian Coach

Empowerment Coach

Homeschool Coach

Confidence Coach for Young Women

Marriage & Parenting Coach for Catholic Women

Moms with Teenage Boys Coach

Pediatric Weight Loss Coach, Pediatrician

Life and Career Coach

Life Coach for Moms of Struggling Kids/Teens

Confidence and Empowerment Coach for Teen Girls and Women

Life Coach for Parents, Youth and Families

Coach for Women and Teen Girls

The Weight Coach for Your Whole Family

Life Coach for Women Creating Their Best Life

Healing Focused Faith Based Life Coach

Life Coach

Certified Life Coach

Coach for College Students

Coach for Bullied Preteens/Teens

Relationship Coach

Academic Success Coach

Friends for Life Mother and Adult Daughter Coach