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LCS Directory

Through our Coach Certification Program, we train and certify top coaches from all over the world.
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Shaun Roney

ADHD Coach

Dr. Kim Golden

Life Coach for Female Breadwinners

Tyson Bradley

Time and Business Coach

Dr. Yashika Dooley

Career and Confidence Coach

Danny Poelman, DDS

The How to Stop Looking at Porn Coach

Jill Angie

Running & Mindset Coach

Ben Pugh

The Parent and Teen Coach

Marta Madeira

Life Coach

Candice Toone

Former Marriage & Family Therapist Turned Master Life Coach

Lauren Cash

Master Time Coach for Procrastinating Perfectionists & Entrepreneurs

Bev Aron

The Deep Dive Coach

Ulya Tsolmon Ph.D.

Career Coach for Pre-Tenure Women Faculty

Martha Ayim, M.A.

Master Life, Weight, and Binge Eating Coach

Katrina Ubell

Master Life and Weight Loss Coach

Serene Shereef

Mindfulness & Productivity Life Coach for Professional Women

Charmaine Platon

Sugar Cravings Coach

Kris Plachy

Coach for Female Entrepreneurs

Bonnie Koo

Money & Life Coach for Women Physicians

Clotilde Dusoulier

Master Coach

Jenny Chammas

Leadership Master Coach

Jimmy Turner MD

Mindset, Money, & Life Coaching for Physicians

Krista St-Germain

Master Life Coach for Widowed Moms

Suzy Rosenstein

Master Midlife Coach

TaVona Denise

Launch Strategist for Coaches

Neill Williams

Master Life and Productivity Coach

Natalie Brown

Master Weight Loss Coach

Molly Claire

Master Coach


Life Coach for Midlife Women

Sonia Wright, MD

The Midlife Sex Coach For Women

Pam Howard

Master Parenting Coach

Lisa Martinello

Master Mindset and Personal Branding Coach for Coaches

Lisa Hatlestad

Master Coach for Creative, Sensitive Women

Erin Aquin

Master Life and Relationship Coach

Aimée Gianni, MS

Master Love & Health Coach

Zach Spafford

The Overcoming Pornography Coach

Dana Skoglund

Habit Coach

Victoria Gibson

Business Coach

Pahla Bowers

Fitness & Weight Loss Coach

Claire Cleary

Stop Overdrinking Coach

Janeen Alley

Wellness and Productivity Coach for Busy Moms

Emily VinZant, MD

Weight Loss Coach

Deborah Butzbach, MD

Post Cancer Recovery Coach

Dr. Ana Blake

Burnout Coach for Female Physicians

Valerie Bestland

EMS Weight Loss & Well Being Coach

Kate Bixler

Life and Weight Loss Coach for Women

Shari Broder

Mind Body Weight Coach

Megan Thomas

Homeschool Coach

Heather Beardsley

Weight Loss Coach for Women Over 40

Susan Trumpler

Sales and Business Coaching

SaraEllen Hutchison

The Coach for Busy Lawyers

Heather Boersma

Business Coach for Mompreneurs

Vikki Louise

Time Hacker Coach

Amber Williams

The Drama Free Weight Loss Coach

Angie Woods

Life Coach for Single Christian Women

Matthea Rentea MD

Life and Weight Coach

Cali Pope

Empowerment Coach

Laura Conley

The Fun Weight Loss Coach

Clair Mackenzie

Weight Loss Coach

Laura Swartzbaugh

Life Coach for Coaches on Their Way to 100k

Sarah Moody

Career Clarity Coach

Ana Verzone

Freedom & Resilience Coach

Dr. Sirisha Manyam

Oncologist and Breast Cancer Coach

Susan Scollen

Beyond PND Coach

Kayla Levin

Marriage Coach for Orthodox Jewish Women

Kim Guillory

Integrative Coach for Healing Focused Entrepreneurs

Debbie King

Mindset Expert for Business Owners

Rachael Cunningham

Life and Marriage Coach

Krista Olsen, MD

Weight Loss and General Life Coach

Autumn Noble

Life Coach for Female Attorneys

Christine Kell

The Clutter Coach for Creatives

Ceri Payne

Business and Time Management Coach for Moms

Kirstin Sarfde

Life, Weight, and Binge Eating Coach

Denita Bremer

Deep Dive Shame Coach

Shandy Arguelles

Post-Divorce Empowerment Coach

Sarah Shiozawa

Career & Leadership Coach

Sherry Price

Stop Overdrinking Coach

Katie Stolp

The Authentic Confidence Coach

Crystal Noelle

Parent Coach

Sarah Nemecek

Money & Life Coach for Women Entrepreneurs

Betsy Jensen

Body and Mind Life Coach

Rebecca Tervo

Life Coach

Janet Whalen

Sleep and Self-Care Coach

Linda Street MD

Negotiation Coach

Steffanie Anderson

Business Coach

Rachel Shumway

The Badassery Coach

Pamella Arnold

The Emotional Eating Coach

Jill M. Lillard, MA LPC

Gottman Certified Couples Counselor & Relationship Coach

Ethel MacArthur RN,BSN,MScN,HTP,CLC

Life and Vitality Coach for Women 60 & Above

Alice Greetham

Chronic Pain Coach

Holly White

The Trichotillomania Coach

Lara McElderry

Relationship and Life Coach for Those Married to Physicians

Caro Szabo

The French Parisian Life & Weightloss Coach

Dr. Amy Boyd

Life Coach for Women Doctoral Students

Dr. Cari Wise

Veterinary Life Coach

Marc Hildebrand

Law Enforcement and First Responder Coach

Kari Schneider

Vitality & Peak Performance Coach

Amanda Kaldor

Christian Weight Loss and Life Coach

Carla Rieger

Marketing and Life Coach for Experts Who Speak

Amanda Walker

Life and Business Coach

Susie Pettit

Mindfulness Coach for Midlife Moms

Michelle Simms-Reiter

Business Coach

Amanda Karlstad

High Level Business Coach, Scaling Expert

Tonya L Caylor, MD, FAAFP

Academic Medicine Coach

Lisa Schwaller

Sexless Relationship Coach

Shanen Sadowski

Christian Life Coach

Carla Hudson

Career and Business Confidence Coach

Diane Lynn

Weight Loss Coach

Nancy Anderson

Business & Life Coach

Rebecca Kaye

Life Coach for Midlife Moms

Nicole Coustier

Executive Performance (KPI) Coach

Nikki Pimental

Coach for Female Professionals

Bayla Abdurachmanov

Identity Coach for Moms

Sandy Connery

Business Mindset Coach

Caroline Bjorkquist

Tough Conversations Coach

Liz Carroll

Financial Life Coach

Stephanie Heller

Business and Life Coach

Natasha Butterwick

Authentic Relationships and Life Coach for Women

Mimi Gordon

Leadership & Effectiveness Coach

Cori Burchell

Business and Life Coach

Stephanie Sheldon

Designer, Business & Creativity Coach

Natalie Bibeau

Business and PR Coach

Stephanie J. Stiavetti

Coach for Intuitives, Empaths, and HSPs

Diana Murphy

Life and Mindset Coach for the Small Business Owner

Charlotte Smith

Business and Life Coach for Farmers/Ag Professionals

Andrea Morton

The Midlife Mom Coach

Tracy Pleschourt

Life & Career Coach

Natalia Irodova

Women's Empowerment and Life Purpose Coach

Amanda Louder

Sex & Marriage Coach for Conservative Christians (LDS)

Sunny Smith MD

Empowering Women Physicians

Kellyann Schaefer

Business and Marketing Coach

Dixie Dunn

Relationship Coach

Andrea Dow

Weight Neutral Body Image Coach

Cassandra Massey

Life Coach and Meditation Mentor and Teacher

Maggie Reyes

The Marriage Life Coach for Type A Women

Mara Kofoed

Life Coach for Women Who Want to Get Married

Chelle Johnson

Life Coach

Shanna Pyzer

Coach for Women and Teen Girls

Diana Delmas

Life and Pregnancy After Baby Loss Coach

Laura O'Hagan

Mindset and Business Coach for Coaches

Deana Imhoff

Life Coach for Women in Agriculture

Dr. Deb Butler

Master Menopause Weight and Life Coach

Mindy Neal

Blended Family Coach

Jill Wright

The Money Coach for Life Coaches

Desi Creswell

Life & Business Coach for Interior Designers

Heidi Benjaminsen

Weight Loss and Confidence Coach

Sophie Shiloh

Codependency Coach

Kim Jolicoeur

Stop Overdrinking Coach

Sarah Smith, MD

Weight & Life Coach for Busy Women

Darrin Thomas

The JH/HS Kid and Parent Coach

Debbie Shadid

Business Growth Coach for Women Over 50

Josie Johnson

Anxiety and Perfectionism Coach

Caitlin Faas, Ph.D.

Life Coach for Academics

Samantha Siffring, MA

Business Coach for Moms

Christine Watson

Tennis Mind Coach

Verena Tschudi

Success Coach

Cristina Roman

Procrastination Coach