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Do it Yourself or Hire it Out?

When you are a life coach or weight loss coach, you need to learn how to do coaching, writing and marketing to have a thriving practice. Learn more |  thelifecoachschool.com

This is the question.

When it comes to a Life Coaching Practice I think there are some things you can not delegate.  You must learn how to do them well enough yourself so you can fully manage the success of your business.

The first is coaching. You have to know how to coach, and you must self coach so you can coach from a clean place.

The second is writing. I don't think you can outsource your tweets, your blog or your newsletters. I have known coaches to do this and it's not effective.

As a coach, you want your voice to develop and be heard. You want to practice your writing as it's a reflection of your mind, and you have something to say that matters. No one else can say it for you.

The third thing is marketing. I define marketing as letting people know you can help.  I believe refining that message and creating something of value is the secret to all business success.

Coaching, writing and marketing.  Learn how to do them and you will have a thriving practice.

You can do the other tasks in your business or delegate them based on what you prefer.

If you love doing something and it interests you, do it.

If you want to pay someone  because you think they can do it better or you don't have the time, then find someone great.

Hire people you like who are also competent.

But when it comes to coaching, writing and marketing…..

It's all you.