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Dreams Don’t Come True


Dreams don’t come.

You have to go out there and get them.

When people hear about me traveling all year they often say, “Must be nice.”

I always say, “It is.”

I own it. I don’t apologize for it. Because my family and I created it.

We are living our dream, because we created our dream.  We are doing our dream work.

It wasn’t easy.  We sold everything we own. Lost the ability to record our favorite shows. I know, right? We bought a minivan.

And today, my sons caught a fish in Lake Mary while I taught a class on the phone in the Westin to the best students in the world.

If your dreams aren’t coming true, it might because you are waiting for them to come.

Maybe it’s because of the way we always say “dreams come true” that’s confusing, and a lie.

Maybe we should say:


My dream is now true.

I am creating my dream.

I’ve got this dream handled.

I’m my own dream maker.

I see my dream and I’m going to go get it.


Stop waiting.  Your dream isn’t coming.

It’s waiting.