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Brooke Castillo

Every Problem Has a Solution


This thought sets me free.

Anytime I have any kind of “problem” in my life that is causing me any emotinal pain, I remember that there's a solution.

Just the idea of the solution sets my mind free. It opens up my creativity. It inspires action.

Many of you have written goals for 2009. (Well, at least I hope you have.)

There are two imperative steps when goal setting:

First, make sure you feel a huge surge of positive emotion when you read your goal. The Law of Attraction is based on vibration, and your vibration is caused by emotion. Change the wording of your goal until each time you read it you are overcome with excitement and inspiration.

Second, anticipate the obstacles. Any goal worth achieving is going to have “problems” you face on your way. Make a list of what these prblems might be.

Then, remember that every problem has a solution. Your creative work is to come up with solutions and strategies to overcome the problems.

This pratice, in conjuction with a high-level vibration has never let me down.

Problems ignite solutions.