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Brooke Castillo


You are going to get it.

From your clients, from your peers, from your customers, and from strangers.

Feedback can be useful. But here is what you must consider when listening, responding and utilizing feedback in your practice.

First, make sure you consider the source.  You should only pay attention to feedback from YOUR PEOPLE.  If you have picked a niche properly, you will know who your people are.

When considering feedback-check out the source to make sure it is someone's opinion that matters to what you are trying to do with your business.  Part of good marketing is turning some people off.  If you are turning your people on, the people who aren't qualified to be your client will be turned off.  Their feedback-especially if it is negative- is expected and actually wanted.  If you are upsetting the wrong people-you are doing it right.

Second, once you know that the person giving you feedback is a source you want to pay close attention to because they are in your target market, then you need to understand why they are giving you this feedback. Do they have an agenda?  Do they want something from you?  Do they need you to do something?  Or are they deep into their own belief systems of what something or someone should be like?  Their filter of how they see the world should be considered before taking in their opinion.

Lastly, see what is true in what they are saying.  If the feedback is positive, this will be easy.  Take what they are saying and see how you can do even more of what they seem to like or find useful.  If the feedback is negative, see where it is true and  how you can use the feedback to make your practice even better.  It might be tempting here to take it personally and globalize the feedback to yourself and all aspects of what you do.  By sticking to the exact facts of what is true, you can specify where any problem might be, and how to use the feedback to solve the problem and ultimately improve our business overall.