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Ana Verzone

Buddhist Life Coach

Coaching Philosophy

I'm on this planet for two reasons: to live life fully and to help you do the same. Look around you – this world and your life are total miracles! It’s our duty to make the most of every moment we have here, instead of being stuck in stress, anxiety, and wondering, “What if?” The secret sauce is to “free your mind so you can free your life.”

I help you do this with step-by-step programs to help you apply Buddhist teachings to everyday life – especially when it comes to confidence and courage.

Does this mean you have to be Buddhist? Not at all. But it does mean you’re open to learning mindfulness + awareness skills, meditation, and how to incorporate the latest research and techniques from Buddhist psychology, positive psychology, cognitive coaching, and functional medicine into your daily life.

Using this unique blend of ancient and modern wisdom, I help you cultivate the radiant, inner confidence you need to live an authentic life with no regrets.