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Jody Moore

Certified Life Coach

Coaching Philosophy

Philosophy – If you know that being a mom is a huge blessing and a noble calling, but you often feel inadequate, frustrated, unfulfilled and not like yourself, you’re in the right place. I work with women just like you who understand that the most important thing you can offer your family is the gift of a happy, confident, strong you. It’s more important than how much time you spend with them. It has a greater impact on your kids’ well-being than whether you work or stay at home.

I understand what you’re going through because I’ve been exactly where you are now. My program takes you through a specific process focused entirely on you.  First we will take your confidence to the next level, then you’ll learn about how to feel in control of your life and to get more of what you want (money, time, motivation for example) and less of what you don’t want (stress, overwhelm and guilt to name a few).

Head to my website and sign up for a FREE mini session and I will help you immediately with something you’re struggling with, and help you determine whether my program can help you go from surviving to thriving. No obligation. Just free help. You’re welcome.