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Kwavi Agbeyegbe

Certified Weight Coach

Coaching Philosophy

I created Kwavi.com to help successful women over the age of 40 that are challenged with weight and health problems. I use group and one-on-one programs to coach my clients. My 3-step approach involves uncovering the cause, revealing the solution and helping you experience the results. I have more than 25 years of experience helping women transform their lives and bodies.

Losing weight is not the problem; the crux of the matter is keeping the weight off and maintaining a health lifestyle.

At the foundation of my work as a Certified Weight Coach is the belief that there has to be a deep love for oneself, an intimate and positive relationship has to be cultivated. I use my coaching programs to inspire women all over the world to transform their lives and bodies.

“I use my experience and knowledge to create customized programs tailored to the busy lives of women”. I believe every woman deserves to feel energized, confident and fiercely happy in their life.

Kwavi is a wife and mother to 2 young boys. She is also an International Health Motivational Speaker, Zumba Instructor, Marathoner and a blogger with the Huffington Post.