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Brooke Castillo

Finding Your Purpose


I have a client who wants me to give her permission to quit her job.

First of all, she doesn't need my permission to do anything.

Second, I don't think she should quit this job she hates.

I know this might seem like the opposite of what a life coach would tell their client, but for me it's what I always tell my clients when they are in a hurry to quit a job, marriage, or weight they hate.

Your purpose in life is not the job you do-it's who you are. Who you get to be.

I am a coach.

But I would be a coach if I worked at a gas station, Hewlett Packard or behind a bar.  Who I am and the work I do in the world is not something that is delivered to me externally.  It is something I take with me wherever I go.  This is my deepest joy and sense of freedom.

I want my clients to have this joy.

I want my clients to know that they don't have to change anything externally to be happy.

Their “purpose” is found where they are right now.  In whatever life circumstance they find themselves.

I tell my client, who wants to quit her job, that she should stay in her job until she does the internal work of finding and creating happiness there.  Then, from that space, she can decide to make a change or not.

Notice this with your clients.  Notice if they are trying to change from the outside in or the inside out.  Then remind them that purpose isn't “out there” -it's “in there”.