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Brooke Castillo

Five Teachers at a Time Max

If you are like me, you love to learn.

Often, I am reading a book, applying a concept from another book, and buying a book all within the same hour.

So I have come up with a rule for myself: Five Teachers at a Time

It keeps things focused and clean.  I edit any materials that aren't from the five teachers I am working on.  If I find a new teacher I HAVE to learn from, then I edit out another one.

For learning about weight coaching and writing my book, If I am So Smart Why Can't I Lose Weight? my five teachers were:

Geneen Roth

Martha Beck

Bill Phillips

Byron Katie

Arielle Ford (book publishing)


When I created the Self Coaching 101 model, my teachers were:

Byron Katie

Eckart Tolle


Jill Bolte Taylor

Pema Chodron


For It Was Always Meant to Happen that Way and The Rowdy work we created, my teachers were:

Daniel LaPorte (Style Statement)

Dave Ramsey (Money)


Marianne Williamson

Henry Cloud (Boundaries)


And now, as I study every single thing I can get my hands on having to do with “non creepy” marketing, this is who I have chosen to teach me:

Dan Kennedy

Eben Pagan

Dean Jackson

Seth Godin

Laura Roeder


The truth is – I want more.  I want all the teachers I can get my hands on.  I want to read them all. When one of the teachers above recommends a book – I want to read it.  But I can't.  I need to focus. I need to take what I am learning and apply it.

More importantly, I need to take what I learn and make it my own.  I need to simplify it in my way that make it accessible to my readers and students.  I don't have the luxury of getting all convoluted with complication and information overload.

I recommend you try this in your own study and research. It makes learning and then applying so much easier.

Pick 5