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Brooke Castillo

Fog Free Days


I love The Weight School I teach in-person and online with Susan Hyatt.

One of the most rewarding things I do is read emails from women who have completed that course and have not only lost weight, but found a peace with food.

As I hear feedback from these women, I’m always creating new ideas and approaches to make what we do better and easier.

One of my most recent concepts is “Fog Free Days”.

I call overeating without consciousness-”Fog Eating”.  It’s literally eating behind our own backs.

I have been teaching many of my students to keep Fog Journals as an alternative to our standard Food Journal.  The results have been fascinating. One of the things I love the most about it, is that sometimes the journal is blank.  We have started calling that a Fog Free Day.

It has become a new measurement of consciousness when it comes to food and connecting to the body.

When some of my students start, they haven’t had a Fog Free Day in years; but slowly they start noticing that there is less and less in their Fog Journal and eventually more and more Fog Free Days.


If you are one of my clients or students, who hasn’t tried this yet, you might want to check it out.

Make sure you are being very honest in your food journal first.  Make sure you are classifying food and eating correctly and without judgment.  Then, when you feel like you fully understand the difference between Fog Eating, Joy Eating and Fuel Eating, start keeping a Fog Journal.

Be kind, patient and curious.  See what you learn.

And notice what it feels like to have a Fog Free Day.

Consciousness is a beautiful thing.