You, A Better Life? Yes.

FREE Book Reveals Proven Tools From a Master Life Coach to...

It’s true, if you’re willing to spend just one afternoon reading this book:

How To Have a Better Life

You’ll learn the techniques professionals use to overcome fear, failure and self-doubt by managing your own mind.

How To Have a Better Life by Brooke Castillo is a no-nonsense, simple approach to building and living your best life.

If you’re already living a good life?

This book will show you how to live even better, with more ease, while creating the results you want, whenever you want.

Take a look at just some of the secrets revealed in How To Have a Better Life

  • The one little thing about fear that – when you know it – allows you to take action and move right on past it (page 20)
  • The four reactions to anxiety and the one that gives you the power to change it from debilitating to harmless (page 30)
  • Two techniques to conquer anxiety (hint: it’s something you already know how to do) (page 34)
  • The number one thing that causes overeating and how to eliminate it (page 48)
  • The five steps to increase confidence and achieve your dreams (page 56)
  • How to let go of negative thoughts without delving into past mistakes and disappointments (page 77)
  • The blueprint for solving any problem, without hiring a coach (page 81)

Of course, there’s even more you’ll uncover once you sit down with the easy-to-read 109 page digital version of this book. Just a suggestion–you may want to have your notebook at your side because you’ll have some real “A-ha” moments while reading.

Brooke Castillo has helped thousands shape their best life.

Here’s what other people are saying:

“The most simple tool I have ever learned has become the most powerful. The ability to think about my own thinking has drastically changed my life, my business, and my parenting.”


“I didn't realize in how many areas of my life I thought I was a victim... my entire life changed. All of my relationships, but most importantly the ones with myself became so much more meaningful and FUN.”


“I am so grateful for self-coaching. It has been the thing that has taken all the prior work I've done and turn it into something I can LIVE for the rest of my life.”


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