It Only Takes 30 Days to Reset Your Life


You look up one day and you aren’t sure what happened. You can’t figure out why your life isn’t better. Why you don’t feel better. Why your results aren’t better.

What happened?

When did this happen?

You feel stuck and you aren’t sure what to do about it. How do you change now? It feels hard and heavy. You may not even know where to start.

You barely have time to get it all done now, so how in the world are you going to change?

You need help.

Please stop trying to do everything alone.

We have a very specific formula to help you reset your life.

It’s unique in that it treats the cause of the issue and not just the symptoms. And it works on any problem.

  • Overeating, overdrinking, overweight
  • Procrastination, stuckness, poor follow-through
  • Low motivation and energy
  • Boredom with life
  • Reactivity and low connection in relationships

When you work with a coach one on one, you get the private and personalized help you need to change.

We have you pick one topic to focus on for 30 days and then we meet with you once a week to coach you through those changes. We focus in three main areas using our unique process.

The cause of your problem, how you are feeling, and the behaviors you want to start or stop doing.

Once you understand these three components, you can use our coaching model to make changes personally.

We have clients from all over the world use our coaching to make the following changes:

  • Lose 10 pounds
  • Make 20k more per year
  • Start a fun and lucrative side business
  • Create more love in their marriage
  • Stop drinking too much wine at night

Here is how it works.

You get on the phone once a week with a coach privately.
You don’t have to do anything to prepare, just show up and we will take you through the process of helping you feel better and taking action.

We will help you create a plan that is easy to follow to start changing the results in your life.

After about a week, when the motivation might start to wane, you have another Coaching Call to remotivate you.

After just 30 days, your life will look and feel different. It will become your new normal. You will be getting different results.

Understanding the Cause

One of the reasons it is so hard to make changes is that we are usually working against ourselves. When we don’t understand how the brain is set up and how the motivation triad in our primitive brain works against us, change is usually futile and temporary.

The primitive brain is designed for reducing pain, seeking pleasure and conserving energy. It’s an outdated attempt to keep us safe.

The good news is that our higher brain, our prefrontal cortex, can override these primitive desires that have us doing things against our own will and not for our best interest. When we know how to use it properly, everything starts to become easier.

We use a coaching model we created to override the primitive brain by understanding how our automatic cognition sabotages our attempts at change. Then, we “run a new model” that is more conscious and powerful to create the results we actually want.

For example, when our clients lose weight they don’t just get better at resisting tempting food, they get better at genuinely not wanting it. It’s so much easier to lose weight when you no longer overdesire food. That is the power of our coaching model.

“The freedom from food addiction has been something I have wanted my entire life. Every day I wake up giddy that I have given myself the gift of being at goal weight for so long and finally forever.”
— Margaret Hoster

Feeling Better

You might not even know how you are feeling right now. Maybe you are numb and can’t remember the last time you were really excited about something. Or maybe you are just constantly frustrated and agitated.

The problem with not being aware of your feelings is that you don’t take the time to change them. Your feelings are the drivers of your actions, so if you aren’t paying close attention to the feelings you automatically have, you won’t know how to change them to ones you need.

Having a coaching session once a week changes this. It gives you time to reflect on your life and not just be at the effect of unconscious feelings. By understanding the feelings you are having and contrasting them with the feelings you actually want, you get a new focus and a new motivation to feel better.

Ultimately, we want you to feel as good as you can. When you have lots of energizing and positive emotions, you can get so much more done and have so much more fun.

A coaching session once a week can absolutely do this for you.

“All the personal growth I have experienced over the past few years has been supplemented by the coaching I have received in my weekly sessions!”
— Tricia Bolton

Change your Behavior

Imagine waking up with more energy and excitement about getting your work and your day done. Imagine the things you could create and the results you could produce that would push your life up over average.

It doesn’t matter how long you have been trying, you can use our model to change your life within 30 short days.

One of our clients started working with us and with her new focus and energy started a side business. She provided a service that genuinely helped people and got paid for it. After dreaming about it for years, she had this small side business up and running within 30 days, helping people find new careers.

What have you been thinking about doing? Maybe it’s working out and eating better, maybe it’s making more money, or maybe it’s just getting your home organized. Whatever you want to do, having a coach in your corner will make it much more likely.

Coaching also helps you stop doing anything you are doing seemingly against your own will. Maybe it’s overeating or spending too much time scrolling on social media. Maybe it’s waiting until the last minute to get your work done. When you get coached with our coaching model, you will understand why you do (or don’t do) things and have the tools to change immediately and permanently.

“I love that I have a framework, the Model, for anything that comes up. It’s like,‘Oh I have the Model, everything is no big deal, I can handle it. I’ve got this.”
— Laura Conley

Signing up for coaching is life changing. You simply fill out the form at the bottom of this page and then pick a time to schedule your first session. You can pick the times and dates that work for you once a week. After 30 days you will be amazed at the changes in your life.

When you sign up for your 30 days of coaching, you will be automatically enrolled in our membership that includes so many amazing bonuses.

Try it for 30 days and then, if for any reason your life hasn’t completely changed, you can cancel ongoing coaching, no questions asked.

Here are the bonuses you will get when you enroll now for weekly coaching.

Here are the bonuses you will get when you enroll now for weekly coaching.

Bonus 1:

  1. Course on How To Make More Money
  2. Self Confidence Creation
  3. Relationship Ease
  4. Stop Overeating Masterclass

These courses are all available in the study vault you will get immediate access to. They are all optional, but yours to learn from at your leisure. We often recommend that our clients listen to these classes on walks or in their cars in between sessions.

Bonus 2:

You will also get access to ASK A COACH.

This feature is available 24/7 and will give you access to a coach every day in between your sessions. If at any time you aren’t sure of how to handle something or you need a bit of motivation, you can type in your question or concern anonymously and get an answer right away.

You can also read through other questions and responses to learn more about your human brain and how to manage common pitfalls and issues.

Bonus 3:

Access to Group Coaching

Five days a week, we have a Group Coaching Call where you can get additional coaching or simply listen in to other people getting coached. Many of our clients say this is the game changer that helps keep them positive and motivated in between sessions. Hearing other people make changes in their lives and overcome their own brains can help keep you going until you meet with your coach again.

Let’s review:

  • You get one-on-one private coaching once a week.
  • You get access to the Study Vault and our coaching courses.
  • You get to ask a coach any question every single day.
  • You get Group Coaching Calls once per day during the week.
  • When you hire most life coaches for a one-to-one coaching session it would cost you $1200 per month and you wouldn’t get the in between bonuses.
  • We are offering you 30 days of coaching for $297.

Turn your desire to change into a decision to change.

Enroll in our one to one coaching program now to reset and change your life.

Be our next success story.

Simply fill out the form below and schedule your first private coaching session.

What People Are Saying

Chao_Sun The Possibility Formula

“I love the private coaching session. During the private coaching session, the scholar coach really holds the space for me. I can see my own minds quickly either through the questions coaches ask me or sometimes just me speak it out loud. I think the scholar coaches LISTEN with the intent to understand. That is so VALUABLE.”

Chao Sun

Posisible Book Exclusive Glenn Lovelace

“I’ve been coaching over a decade now and LCS has been the best thing I’ve ever done for myself, my wife and kids, my faith, my career (that I quit), my new six-figure business, and everyone who comes in contact with me.”

Glenn Lovelace

Tricia Bolton

“Private coaching is my favorite part of Scholars. I love the coaching I receive each week from the extraordinary team of coaches in Scholars who appear ninja-like to me, easily recognizing and lovingly pointing out my gaps in understanding. I have a wonderful group of friends and family but I really need and appreciate having coaches in my life who don’t believe and accept my stories, who challenge my preconceptions about myself and the world and remind me when I am being hard on myself. All the personal growth I have experienced over the past few years has been supplemented by the coaching I have received in my weekly sessions!”

Tricia Bolton

Shaun Roney Second Picture in Pink Blazer

“Whether you pick one thing inside to focus on, or choose to dabble in different areas, the result will be life-changing. It was for me.”

Shaun Roney

Katrin Berndt with Bloned Hair

“Get Coached contains everything you need to completely change your life. I often think, “Are they aware that I have access to all of this stuff? Should I email them and let them know?”

Katrin Berndt

Carly Tizzano with a long and curly hair

“Using what I have learned in Get Coached, I have written a book, grown one business, started another, become certified, improved my relationships, lost weight, and much more.”

Carly Tizzano

Mihaela Hozmach in black background

“Get Coached keeps me accountable, and most importantly, inspired. The weekly one-to-one coaching sessions are a game changer. The best money I’ve ever spent.”

Mihaela Hozmach

Helen Zetterlund with blonde hair, wearing a pink floral top, standing against a blurry farm background

“Learning about the Model and thought work opened up a whole new world. I changed my relationship with myself, my partner, my past, and my future.”

Helen Zetterlund

Mason Healy close up

“My life has completely changed since I joined Get Coached. Everything in my life makes sense, and I have so much clarity because I’ve learned to manage my mind.”

Mason Healy

Andrea Pezzillo smiling with her long and beautiful brown hair

“The Get Coached program is really one of the best for the simple fact that I see results, and that has me really excited in my present moment and for my future.”

Andrea Pezzillo