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Get Coached program Kit

Your Membership Includes:

  • ​A weekly, private one-to-one coaching session... so you can stay on track with reaching your goals.
  • ​Daily group coaching sessions... to help you master all areas of your life, such as relationships, health, money, buffering, and so much more.
  • ​Ask A Coach Forum... so you can get your questions answered by Certified Coaches anytime you feel stuck.
  • ​Access to Study Vault of online courses... so you can take a deeper dive into advanced topics to further your learning pursuits.
  • ​All of Brooke’s books and workbooks... to keep you focused, organized, and up-leveling.
  • ​Plus much, much, more…

Private One-to-One Coaching Session

You'll be paired with a Certified Life Coach who is trained to help you find what is holding you back in your mind so you can reach your full potential.

Get Coached program

Daily Group Coaching Sessions

Access daily group coaching classes where you can see people being coached and raise your hand to get coached. Our Certified Life Coaches will show you how to deal with conflict in yourself and your relationships so you can feel more excited about life.

Get Coached program

Ask A Coach Forum

Where you can asked to be coached anonymously on any topic in writing you can also read other people’s coaching for insight into your own life.

Get Coached program

Study Vault of Online Courses

Our entire product suite of courses including Stop Overeating, Stop Overdrinking, Self Confidence, How To Make More Money, How To Change What is Possible in Your Life, Relationship Mastery, and 16 additional courses.

Get Coached program
Get Coached program

What You Get with The Life Coach Blueprint

​The Life Coach Blueprint will help you discover your true potential and achieve what’s possible for your life.

​You’ll learn…

  • ​The Frameworks. Discover the difference between where you currently are and where you want to be. We’ll cover the importance of choosing to be extraordinary, understanding your current state of mind, and how to audit your feelings, actions, and results.
  • ​The Strategies. Focus on creating your desired future by understanding your goals and desires, the power of living from the future, and the dangers of unacknowledged desires.
  • ​Implementing and Integrating. How to overcome obstacles and create true value in your life. We’ll cover the importance of creating a life of contribution, and how to turn your desires into decisions.

By the end of the program, you’ll have a clear understanding of your goals, the tools to achieve them, and the skills to navigate challenges and make a positive impact. You’ll learn…

Get Coached program

What You Get with Power Sentence Toolkit

  • ​The Podcast Book #1
    Summarized notes and insights broken down into bite-sized chunks so you can easily apply them to create the desired results you want in your life.
  • ​How To Have A Better Life book
    Learn the most common obstacles people face in their lives and how I’ve helped them become unstuck, grow, and to thrive in their life. This book will give you a good taste of what self coaching can offer, and how you can get started on reaching that next level, whether that’s in your personal life, professional life, or both.
  • ​“The Model” Pad & Pen
    At the Life Coach School we use a proprietary process called the Self Coaching Model. Learning the Model will unlock the secret to maximizing your potential and overcome any obstacle in your path.
  • ​Life Coach School Leather Journal
    Writing helps us examine our minds. When you attend your personal one-to-one coaching session or the group coaching sessions you’ll be able to write down and evaluate your thoughts and feelings so you can build momentum and become a better version of yourself much faster.
  • ​Plus much, much, more…

What People Are Saying

Shaun Roney

“The lifelong access to this network of top notch coaches (many who have become extended family) is priceless. I would do it again in a heartbeat and am forever grateful.”

Shaun Roney

Valerie Bestland

“Thank you. You saved my life. The irony is, I save lives for a living. Yet, I had never thought to save my own.”

Valerie Bestland

Laura Conley

“I love that I have a framework, The Model, for anything that comes up. It's like, 'Oh I have The Model, everything is no big deal, I can handle it, I've got this.”

Laura Conley