Take Your Life From Good to Great.
Learn the Tools Master Life Coaches Use to Overcome Fear, Failure and Doubt and Watch Life Change. 

Don’t settle for “Good”.
You can create a life greater than you’ve imagined.

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Your mind can be your best tool or worst enemy. Which is yours?

When I founded The Life Coach School, I knew I wanted everyone to experience the power of life coaching, at least once. 

I’ve since trained thousands of students and coaches how to coach themselves.

This means they’ve learned to manage their own mind.

That's no more downward spiraling. No more self sabotage. No more avoiding failure. 

Now, I’ve put every coaching tool I’ve taught for 10+ years into one book. 

It’s called: How to Have a Better Life.

I know you’ve got a lot going on. There’s no fluff here. 

These tools will change everything for you. 

Complete this book, and you’ll have an entirely new outlook on life. 

No exaggeration. 

Better yet, you’ll gain the skills to navigate any obstacle (and there will be obstacles).

Order your copy now and you'll receive a special bonus.

I love to overdeliver. 

Self coaching will take your life from good to great. 

But nothing can get better if you don’t begin.


Everything You Get:
How To Have A Better Life by Brooke Castillo How To Have A Better Life by Brooke Castillo
How to Have a Better Life Book and Audiobook

Part 1: Common Obstacles

Chapter 1: Fear and Failure
Manage your fear and embrace failure on the way to success.

Chapter 2: Anxiety
Leverage the discomfort and stop succumbing to it.

Part 2: Hidden Obstacles

Chapter 3: The Blame Game
Stop feeling victimized and get comfortable being vulnerable. 

Chapter 4: Lack of Confidence
Transform doubt and obstacles into power. 

Part 3: Emotional Maturity

Chapter 5: Emotional Adulthood
Integrate your childhood emotions and improve your adult experience.

Chapter 6: Healthy Thought Management
Learn to manage your mind for your success.

Part 4: Self Coaching

Chapter 7: How to Solve Any Problem
A step by step guide to solve anything.

Chapter 8: The Self Coaching Model
The secret sauce. Coach yourself to a better result in any circumstance.

Book $14.95
Includes Private Coaching Session

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"The most simple tool I have ever learned has become the most powerful. The ability to think about my own thinking has drastically changed my life, my business, and my parenting."


Private Life Coaching Session

It’s no secret that the best coaches also get coached themselves. 

Your purchase includes a private coaching session with one of my Certified Coaches.

You can schedule your call whenever you’re ready. 

Don’t panic. This isn’t one of those calls. 

We won’t be trying to upsell you.

Or offer you anything you don't have. 

Just pick the topic of your choice.

Show up.

Be coached. 

That’s it.

You in?

"I didn't realize in how many areas of my life I thought I was a victim... my entire life changed. All of my relationships, but most importantly the one with myself became so much more meaningful and FUN."


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Book $14.95
Includes Private Coaching Session

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"Be willing to do the work. Increase your effort threshold, so you can create exactly what you want in your life."

~Brooke Castillo