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Great Work is Great Work


I just taught a class to my graduates: 1000 Raving Fans.

One of the concepts I talked about is being “new” and all the benefits that come with not having an established business.

You have more time to write and think of content.

You have more time to create products and tools.

You have the opportunity to network and introduce yourself to new people.

You can create for other more established coaches and offer them something amazing in exchange for exposure.

You have a lot more time to work on your own mind-and be you own client.

What determines if you are a great coach or not is how you feel.

If you feel great, you are going to create some great stuff.

Great stuff your people will want to read and learn and know.

Your priority is to create your greatest work right now.

Not later when you get a book deal. Or have 10,000 on your list.

But right now. 4 clients on your list. 2 Twitter followers.

We need your best stuff.

How you do your work now is the indicator of how you will do it later.

Do it with greatness.