How To Have a Better Life in 3 Days


We are living in challenging times.

Some of us may feel like all we know are challenging times.

Financial struggles, lackluster relationships, and a feeling of being “stuck” that seems impossible to overcome.

But what if there was a different way to approach life… an approach where you feel momentum, create new confidence in yourself, and set yourself up to have a better life?

I am not promising miracles, I am not promising a magical “total life transformation,” but I am promising you that all it takes is three days to change the direction of your life. 

In three days, I can teach you a framework that will give you the power to create a better life for yourself. This framework is built around one simple tool that I’ve used to move from an average life where “stuck” was all I knew, to a life where I feel confident in business, in my relationships, and most importantly, confident to live my authentic life.

My name is Brooke Castillo, I am a Master Certified Coach, the Founder of The Life Coach School, and I want to tell you my story.

Press play on the video below to listen to my four-minute story. Listen carefully to hear the moment that changed everything for me. It’s probably not what you’re expecting…

What is the Make Your Life Better in 3 Days Challenge?

It’s called Life Coach Live, and it’s 3 days that will change everything.

Fourteen years ago I developed a tool called the Self Coaching Model. I’ve used this tool as the framework for transformation in my life every day since. It’s created undeniable results in my life. And now I want to teach it to you.

For a limited time, I’m offering virtual tickets to my three-day transformation framework event called Life Coach Live. During these three days, I’ll teach you the ultimate blueprint for getting unstuck and shifting your focus to the results you want rather than the things holding you back. I’ll teach you how to have a better life in three days.

Before we get into the blueprint that makes this possible, I want to share with you more of who we are as a School and what we stand for.

We stand for possibility, we stand for equity, we stand for fun, and we stand for thoughtfulness. And for the past twelve years, we have Certified Coaches all over the world through our flagship training, The Coach Certification Program. We’ve supported thousands of people through our coaching platform, Get Coached. But in all our years, we’ve never offered an event like this.

I wanted to create a three-day experience that people could immerse themselves in. This experience is designed for you if you’re looking for real change in your life. This event is for you if you’re tired of feeling drained, frustrated, and unsatisfied with where you are in life, and you want to spark new joy, find new motivation, and take steps toward the life you truly want to live. This three-day event is designed to teach you the core tenants of my tools, and demonstrate them being used practically. You’ll come away with everything you need to have a better life.

I’ve never packaged my teachings this way, I’ve never done an event like this, and I’ve never offered this much value for such a low price before. If you’ve ever considered working with me, or investing in any training program to learn the power of self coaching, mindset, beliefs, and a framework for making sense of it all, this is your opportunity.

Here are just a few of the results that some of my students have created using the framework that I’ll teach at Life Coach Live.

Case Studies

The Blueprint 

Before we cover the blueprint, I want to share with you what your experience will be like.

  • First, you’ll fill out the form at the bottom of this page. Fast. Easy. Simple.
  • Then, you’ll get a free bonus training from me right away that you can start using TODAY to learn the core framework of my tool, the Self Coaching Model. This is a free Mini-Class that I’m exclusively offering to you when you sign up for Life Coach Live. 
  • You’ll then receive your instructions for attending live via email.
    We will then meet virtually on November 18th, 19th, and 20th, for three days of teaching, where I’ll give you everything you need to have a better life.

Special Bonus #1: If you sign up before November 1st, you’ll receive a special box in the mail with a bonus workbook to follow along. This workbook is key if you’re serious about understanding the core principles of success and how to harness the Self Coaching Model to unlock it.


Special Bonus #2: You get to attend this from the comfort and ease of your own home, office, co-working space, coffee shop, or anywhere else that you have access to the internet, worldwide. Usually, our events of this magnitude are only offered to those who can attend live, but for Life Coach Live, we are extending the teachings to anyone who has an internet connection.

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Have a Better Life in 3 Days: Your Ultimate Blueprint

Meet Your New Coach

I’m Brooke Castillo. I’m a Master Certified Coach and the Founder of The Life Coach School. Yes, we’ve trained thousands of coaches all over the world; yes, we’ve helped hundreds of thousands of people transform their lives with our tools and coaching; and yes, we’ve donated millions of dollars to charitable organizations all over the world, inspiring change at a local and global level. But none of that matters as much as one of my core values: to be an example of what’s possible.

I want to show you how you can also be an example of what’s possible. That might not be making millions of dollars or growing a global organization. It could be as simple as showing up as a better partner, a more confident leader, or a more patient parent. Join me for Life Coach Live, and I’ll show you exactly how my framework can help you do that and so much more.

Here’s exactly how I’ll teach you this three-day blueprint at Life Coach Live


What’s Possible

You will focus on…

  • Attempting Greatness
  • Identifying Where We Are Now
  • Planning Where We Want To Be
  • Living From the Future


Dreams and Decisions

You will learn about…

  • The Dangers of Unacknowledged Desire
  • Turning Desire Into Decisions
  • Creating Value and Contribution
  • How We Took Value and Turned It Around To Create More Value


How They Did It

You will be inspired…

  • Stacey Boehman: Believing New Things AKA How To Create Abundance and Wealth in Your Life
  • Planning the Action To Overcome Obstacles for Your Dreams
  • Judith Gaton: How Being Fabulous Might Make You Think You’re an Imposter When You’re Not
  • Corinne Crabtree: How To Use the Power of Sentences To Lose 100 Pounds and Gain 10 Million Dollars


It’s Your Turn

You will practice…

  • Auditing Your Mind To Find the Sentence
  • Auditing Your Current Feelings, Actions, and Results
  • Possibility Work—Opening up the Options
  • Living From the Future
  • Obstacles to Success (Objections)
  • The Ultimate Plan
  • Putting It All Together

Now we’ve come to the decision point. You can sit and wonder what could be, or you could bet on yourself and discover what will be. Your future starts today. 

Fill out the form below to secure your virtual seat today. Let’s go. 

When you fill out the form below, you’ll get this exclusive opportunity:

  • FREE Mini-Class that you can complete TODAY to start your transformation.
  • FREE Workbook and Bonus Virtual Experience Box shipped to your house. (Before November 10th) 
  • Three Days of Brooke’s expert teaching on how to use the Self Coaching Model to understand why you became stuck in the first place, and how to evolve past it. 
  • The exact tools you need to create a better life in three days.

I look forward to teaching you this work at Life Coach Live. 
Let’s go.


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What People Are Saying

“Brooke taught me how to quit thinking of who I wanted to be and actually start becoming the person I always was meant to be.”

Corinne Crabtree

“Whether you pick one thing inside to focus on, or choose to dabble in different areas, the result will be life-changing. It was for me.”

Shaun Roney

“Sign up now! Don't hesitate. It will transform the way you think about yourself and the people in your life. It will evolve your brain in a way you never imagined.”

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