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Brooke Castillo

Hiding vs. Resting


This last weekend I had my Coach Mastermind for the Life Coach School.

One of the things we discussed is the difference between resting and hiding.

There seems to be an epidemic of  ”extreme self care”  looking like lying on the couch overeating and procrastinating.

This is the opposite of self care. This is indifference. It’s hiding.

It isn’t struggle and self-abuse, and yes, that’s a good thing, but indifference is just the other edge of that sword.

Hiding creates feelings of guilt.  It’s not restorative, but rather anxiety producing.

It perpetuates low self-opinion and isolates.

Resting, on the other hand, works.

It is needed after action. After production. After showing up.

It feels necessary and open. You don’t mind sharing the truth of it.

I feels amazing after exertion.

It’s the balance needed so we can begin again.

It does not create negative results like weight gain, procrastination and stagnation.

It rebuilds the energy centers for more creation.

Only you will know if you are hiding and  calling it rest.  To us, it looks the same.

It’s your decision to hide.

But don’t lie about it and call it rest.

Call it hiding so you can ask yourself what you are hiding from.