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Brooke Castillo

How Much Do you Make?


I get this question a lot from prospective coaches.

They want verification that they can make a lot of money and a good living being a life coach.

They think that my number will somehow determine their number.

We were talking about this in our Money Training the other day and I asked the students what the problem is with someone using my result as evidence for her desired result.

We had a great discussion about it and what really hit home for us is that my results are determined by what I think.  Your results cannot be determined by what I think.

So instead of saying, “If she can do it, I can do it.”

It is much more accurate to say,  “If she can think that way, I can too.”

Then, it doesn't matter what your circumstances are-which are most likely very different than mine.

Even before I made one dime, I was thinking:  I know I will help thousands of clients, the way I have already helped myself.

And I have.