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How to Ask for Something


I always encourage my clients to ask for what they want.

People love to give. They want to say yes. (It's easier than saying no.)

Remember this…

1. If you are asking someone for something that will take their time, money or energy consider what's in it for them. Is it a win-win or are you just taking?

2. Know why you are asking for something. The why is important. Notice if it's from a sense of entitlement. Let them know your why.

3. Give first. If you want someone to give you something-give them more than you are asking. This might require some creativity.

4. Prepare your ask. Make sure you are asking from a positive place and not one of neediness or desperation.

5. Make saying yes easy. If you want someone to do something for you, be specific and clear. Don't make them refine the details-that's your job.

6. Allow a no. If you are repectful and understanding when someone says no, it allows them to give you a reason instead of an excuse. Reasons can be discussed.

7. Expect a yes. If you prepare, give more than you get, are specific, and explain your why, your chances of getting a yes are high.