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Brooke Castillo

I Just Wanted to Be Like Her


When I was younger, I just wanted to be like her.

I spent hours thinking about how she had it made…

She was beautiful.

She was rich.

She was talented.

She was loved.

And most of all, she was thin.

Effortlessly thin.

I knew that if I could just be her, I would have the perfect life.

I would be happy. Forever.

But here’s what’s amazing…

I am happy.

And it has nothing to do with beauty or money or talent or thinness.

It has to do with the hard work of finding out who I am and choosing to pay attention, take care, and love myself.  (Not as easy as it sounds.)

And now I have compassion for my younger self.

The girl who wanted nothing more than to be like someone else.

The me who wanted to be Whitney Houston.