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Brooke Castillo

I Want to Do it Right


New coaches want to coach their clients “right”

They want to do a good job.

They want their clients to be helped.

But there really is no “right” way to do coaching, just like there is no “right” way to do life.

Coaching is an art.

Just like creating a painting, there are tools and skills to make it easier to do, but their is no “right” formula to follow to create a great piece of work.

A great piece of work will come from your heart, you mind, and your creativity.

This is how coaching is.

We try different colors and patterns and shapes and angles and some of them work and some of them don't.  We feel our way through, we interact, we tap into a force bigger than us.

In the end, you will have a completed piece.  You don't stand there and say whether it was done right or wrong.

You decide whether you like or don't  like what you did.

How you decide will most likely have a lot to do with how you felt when you created it.

My best advice to new coaches is to let go of what it might end up looking like and pay attention to what it feels like.

If it feels amazing.  If it feels true. If it feels like love…

You are doing it “right”.