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Brooke Castillo

IN- N- OUT Burger and Life Coaching

In California we have a fast food placed called IN-N-OUT Burger.  No matter what time of day, this place is packed.

The line is always at least 10 cars long. At least.

Recently, on the way back from visiting my family we decided to stop for some burgers.  We found an  IN-N-OUT on the gps.  When we got there, the line had at least 35 cars.  Seriously!

Other fast food restaraunts sat by empty.

I told Chris there was no way I wanted to wait that long for a burger and so we headed home.  About 30 minutes later another IN-N-OUT came up on the gps and we pulled off the freeway.

It, too, had a line so long, it went into the street and down the block.

I told Chris to find another burger place. We drove three minutes to McDonald's and had our burgers in our hands in less than five minutes.

I couldn't get over it.

I kept badgering Chris, “Why are there so many people in line for a fast food place?”

“They have good burgers,” was his answer.

“But that's all they have. They have no nuggets, no fancy yogurt cup, no apple pie.  And their burgers aren't even that much better. And their fries are kinda plain.”

“Okay.  Sorry. I just don't know,”  Chris said, clearly not interested in my fascination.

I have not been able to stop thinking about it.

I went to their website and read about their history.

And here is what I think does it for them:

They keep things simple. (Only four food items on its menu.)

They keep things fresh, high quality and clean.

They care about people. (Employees get paid $10 per hour.)

They care about customers. (Most of their advertising comes from raving fans.)

They don't mind being the “smaller guy” because it's easier to manage quality.

I believe this exact formula can be applied to our businesses.

Keep it simple.  (Have only a few things for sale and make them easy to buy.)

Care about people (That includes you.  Pay yourself well.)

Care about your customers. (Give them your best stuff.)

Keep things fresh, high quality and clean. (no fillers or additives)

With this simple formula many people will be willing to wait long and pay more.

Sometimes standing out from the crowd means focusing on what matters and leaving the fancy stuff to the place with no line.