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Investing in Education


Picture me in a classroom. Front row.  Arm raised.

I'm a student on a rocket right now.

In the past year, I have spent well over $6,000 on education materials. Gasping is ok.

I really don't want to tell you how much of that is Amazon. How much do 40 books cost?

I wish there was a way to learn faster. Honestly, for some classes that I listen to on my iphone, I increase the speed of the playback. Need help.

But, I will tell you what, when I look at the money I have spent on educating myself, I feel amazing.  I know that good education is the best investment because the return is so high.

The return is self growth, connections with new people, new thought work to do, and yes, ultimately a financial return once I apply what I have learned.

The best teachers I have ever had are the ones who are smart and funny.  I have been lucky this round to get a few that have blown my mind.

I will, of course, be giving you all my notes on what I have learned.  But not right now. I have homework to do.

What are you learning?