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Is a Coach Without Clients a Coach?

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I have spent the last several weeks creating and re-creating a Marketing Class for coaches.

I love this product. I think it is excellent and I can wait to share it with you next week.

As I was creating it, I kept thinking about the coaches who write me who don't have any clients.

They know how to coach and they are damn good at it.

They know how to manage their mind and their fears.

But they don't know how to get clients.  And, honestly, they don't really want to know how.

They don't want to do what we need to do to get them.

We have to make a decision about who we specifically want to serve and then we have to put ourselves out there and offer what we have.

It is intimidating and scary and confusing.

We want comfortable, safe, and clear.

So the answer to the question is yes, you are still a coach if you don't have clients.  A coach is someone who coaches.

But you aren't a paid coach.

If you want to get paid for coaching, you are going to have to get some clients.

Coaching a client and getting a client are two separate skill-sets.

Please make sure you learn them both.