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It Sucks – Let it Go…


Have you ever spent such a long time working on something that you can't let it go?

Even when you know it sucks?

A friend you've had for 10 years…but let's be honest, you guys have nothing in common anymore.

A job that you've been at too long?

A lover that has lost the love and only has the rrrrr?

A book you wrote, that YOU don't even want to read?

I have.

But every time I try to hang on when I know I need to let go….it hurts.

It hinders my growth.

Sometimes, we need to just let go. Say goodbye. Start over.

The book sucks. Throw it away.

The relationship is stale-work on it or move on.

And, by the way, that outfit has never looked good on you and you know it. I don't care how expensive it was. Throw it away.

Right now.

There are things we can fix and work on, and there are things that aren't meant to be fixed.

It's not a mystery which is which.

You know.

You really do.

Let it go.

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