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Brooke Castillo

It’s Not Always About Changing


The first step in all coaching is awareness.

So many of us are living our lives unconsciously. We don’t understand why we do what we do or why we get the results we consistently get.

So we start, by just paying attention. We look at the circumstances in our lives. We see our thoughts about them. We notice the emotions created by those thoughts. We notice what we do when we feel a certain way. And then our results start to make sense.

It’s an understanding and an intimacy with ourselves.

Often, we don’t like many of the things we see. We wish we thought or felt different.  But, there is a huge relief in clarity.  In knowing. In finally seeing that we are the ones in charge of it all.

This does not mean we want to change.  It doesn’t mean we have to change.

Knowing is enough responsibility, because we can no longer pretend to be victims or point the finger at some other cause.

We create our own boredom which drives us to eat.

We create our own negative thoughts that create problems in our relationships.

We are the ones who eat the food that creates the extra weight.

And that’s okay.

It’s enough to see it.  Own it.

You don’t have to change if you don’t want to.  It takes effort and work and consistency to change and it’s not an obligation.

Sometimes change is exactly what we want, and we use the awareness we’ve gained to do it.  Other times we don’t want to change enough and so we stay the same.

But we now do it with awareness. Knowing that change is always an option.