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Brooke Castillo

It’s Not Always Fun

"There is something fantastic about it being hard.  It asks us to rise up to the challenge. It asks us to become more." -- Brooke Castillo, Leader of The Life Coach School |

Being a life coach is amazing.  I think it is the best profession on the planet.

You work from home, make your own hours, contribute to the greater good, and all without getting out of your pajamas!

But it's not always fun.

Some of my students want this profession to provide them with easy, lucrative and fun with very little effort.

When they tell me this, I disagree with them.  I tell them that is not what they really want, because that would require nothing of them.

Human beings want challenge.  We want growth.  We want to get to the other side of something and feel proud of our accomplishment.

Being a life coach requires that you are an entrepreneur.  And you know the  statistics of small business failure right?  Over 50%.

If it was just fun-then everyone would be doing it and winning.

There is something fantastic about it being hard sometimes.  It asks us to rise up to the challenge.  It asks us to become more.

It's not your job's job to make you happy.  That's your job.

Same with your business.  Your business is a vehicle for you to become the person you need to become in order to be a successful business owner.

If you expect it to be handed to you or you expect it to be easy-expect to be in that 50% of businesses that fail.

But if you expect it to be hard, and you know you are strong enough, expect something way more amazing than fun.