"You are worthy of the change you seek. Join Get Coached."

Get Coached

Personalized Coaching. Life Changing Results.

Feeling frustrated, anxious, worried or unsatisfied?

Get Coached.

I mean it.

Every person on this planet needs a life coach.

I can prove it.

Your brain is designed for survival and preservation.

It creates negative stories that don’t serve you in your professional and personal relationships.

It dictates sentences to you all day long that you may not be aware of.

When you get coached, you realize what is going on in there.

60k thoughts per day.

Many of them unconscious and negative.

When you get coached, you get to see these thoughts.

You get to see how they are determining how you…



Create Results.

If you have areas in your life where you know you aren’t showing up in the way you most want to, it is because of the thoughts (the sentences) in your brain playing on autopilot.

These thoughts that were programmed without your knowing throughout your whole life.

One thought can change the trajectory of your day, your week, your year and eventually your legacy.

Join our Get Coached Program and see your life change in the following ways…

Less conflict with yourself and in your relationships.

More self-confidence and excitement about life.

Less procrastination and disappointment.

More money and abundance creation.

In just one session per week, you will feel your life change dramatically.

This isn’t incremental slow change.

This is massive, exponential change each week.

With Get Coached, you can sign up for your first session immediately.

This is a private one to one session with a Certified Life Coach who is trained to hold space and help you find what is holding you back in your mind.

You don’t have to do anything to prepare.

Simply show up and we will take care of the rest.


You can start your coaching journey, which includes a private one to one coaching each week, for just $297 per month.

We encourage you to join RISK FREE and try out a session. If for any reason you don’t like the session, you can send us an email and we will refund you immediately. No questions asked.

In addition this guarantee is better than free. You will get immediate access to the following once you sign up for coaching.

  • Our entire product suite of courses (valued at $12k) including Stop Overeating, Stop Overdrinking, Self Confidence, Money: How to Have More of It, Achieving Your Goals, Relationships, and more.
  • Access to group coaching classes where you can see people be coached and also raise your hand to be coached.
  • Ask a Coach Forum where you can ask to be coached anonymously on any topic in writing-you can also read other people’s coaching for insight into your own life.
  • All of Brooke’s books and workbooks.

But don’t take our word for it. Enroll in Get Coached now and see for yourself. Look around on the site and see all the courses and books you get immediate access to, book and try your first coaching session, and download an audio from the private podcast to listen to on a walk or when you drive in the car.

It’s a risk free offer we are giving you because we believe everyone needs and can benefit from a life coach and we want you to see how much we mean it.

Get your private, no risk coaching session today.

We know you will love it and see the power of it immediately by the results it creates in your life.

We use a very unique process called the Self Coaching Model that you won’t get from any other coaching membership. It truly uses the power of your brain to change the actions and results you create.

If you decide to stay, and we know you most likely will, you will get a coaching session every single week for the membership fee of $297 per month. There is no other organization that offers so much for so little of an investment.

You deserve to invest in yourself.

You are worthy of the change you seek.

Enroll and get your first session today.

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What People Are Saying

Posisible Book Exclusive Glenn Lovelace

“I’ve been coaching over a decade now and LCS has been the best thing I’ve ever done for myself, my wife and kids, my faith, my career (that I quit), my new six-figure business, and everyone who comes in contact with me.”

Glenn Lovelace

Shaun Roney Second Picture in Pink Blazer

“Whether you pick one thing inside to focus on, or choose to dabble in different areas, the result will be life-changing. It was for me.”

Shaun Roney

Katrin Berndt with Bloned Hair

“Get Coached contains everything you need to completely change your life. I often think, “Are they aware that I have access to all of this stuff? Should I email them and let them know?”

Katrin Berndt

Carly Tizzano with a long and curly hair

“Using what I have learned in Get Coached, I have written a book, grown one business, started another, become certified, improved my relationships, lost weight, and much more.”

Carly Tizzano

Mihaela Hozmach in black background

“Get Coached keeps me accountable, and most importantly, inspired. The weekly one-to-one coaching sessions are a game changer. The best money I’ve ever spent.”

Mihaela Hozmach

Helen Zetterlund with blonde hair, wearing a pink floral top, standing against a blurry farm background

“Learning about the Model and thought work opened up a whole new world. I changed my relationship with myself, my partner, my past, and my future.”

Helen Zetterlund

Mason Healy close up

“My life has completely changed since I joined Get Coached. Everything in my life makes sense, and I have so much clarity because I’ve learned to manage my mind.”

Mason Healy

Andrea Pezzillo smiling with her long and beautiful brown hair

“The Get Coached program is really one of the best for the simple fact that I see results, and that has me really excited in my present moment and for my future.”

Andrea Pezzillo

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