The Last Best Year of Get Coached

I have a very exciting announcement. Due to some amazing news I’m unable to share yet, 2024 will be the last year of Get Coached in Self Coaching Scholars.

Each Month Your Life Will Change.

When I first designed Scholars (aka Get Coached) it was for a year-long training including a monthly focus we were all working on together. People have been begging me to bring that back ever since. So I’m doing it for the last best year. You will have a workbook each month and I will coach you on topics that I have carefully curated.

If you stay with me for this entire year and do the work,
I promise you your life will be different in the ways you most want to change. It’s a powerful process thousands of my students have done to get what they want in their lives.

These topics are designed to build on one another as I coach you go through the year:

JANUARY: Why You Must Coach Yourself to Grow
FEBRUARY: The Power of Emotion
MARCH: Believing New Things
APRIL: Time Management
MAY: Relationships
JUNE: Self Confidence
JULY: Change Your Past
AUGUST: Live Your Purpose
SEPTEMBER: How to Get it Done
OCTOBER: Organize Your Life and Mind
NOVEMBER: Mastering Emotional Balance
DECEMBER: Doing the Impossible

Get Coached Has So Much Impactful Content Inside

18 Masterclasses, Brooke’s Books, Live Workshops, and More

This will be the last 12 months I will be offering access to my Study Vault inside Get Coached. This is a vault of all my life-changing classes and masterclasses from my career as a life coach. It includes my courses that my students used to pay thousands of dollars per class, all my books, and all of my special live workshops. Topics include Stop Underearning, Stop Overeating, Stop Overdrinking, Entrepreneurial Management, Relationships, Confidence, and so much more.

One-to-One Coaching

Inside of Get Coached, this will also be the last year you will be able to get one-to-one coaching with our Certified Coaches weekly. One-to-One coaching allows you to dive deeper into a singular topic or work toward a specific goal. You can choose any topic to work on with your coach, or allow them to lead the way. Our Certified Coaches are trained to hold space for you and help you find what’s holding you back in your mind.

We are increasing availability so you can easily access our coaches through the scheduler and get private, confidential coaching included in your membership.

Amazing Bonus Offer

As an added, incredible bonus, I’m doing something I have never agreed to do before. I’m offering a year-long membership that includes two months free. This is the first (and last) time I will ever do this. This offer is only available if you enroll this month to get started on January 1.

If you are already a Scholar, you can simply click below to enroll in the special offer and get upgraded without any interruption in your current membership. If you are enrolling as a new member, your access will begin
January 1.

Behind the Scenes

It’s a very exciting time, my friends. I’m so hyped to get back into the monthly work myself. And because of this, we have also decided to bring back Behind the Scenes weekly. This is something so many of you have been asking for since we stopped doing it years ago. I have asked my partner in life if he would be willing to spend some time recording our lives during the week and create a weekly video. He said yes!

New videos of my unedited and candid life will be updated weekly. Once you sign up and get access you can see the first video he put together about our 2023 year where we traveled the world. It was one of the most epic years I have ever had and I can’t wait to share it with you. I will also share my struggles, my exciting and crazy life, as well as my thoughts and self coaching work. So fun.


We are waiving the requirement to wait a year to rejoin if you have opted out in the past. We want to make sure you get full access for this last year of growth and coaching with me.

This could be the year that absolutely changes everything.

If you have been on the fence, this is your very last chance to spend a year changing what you want to change. Imagine that at this time next year, everything could be even better than it is now. Let’s work together this year to make that happen.

Oh wait! I almost forgot to tell you…

I’m also teaching a year-long class on money that will be included FOR FREE. I’m calling it, Money is Your Friend. It’s everything I know about money and creating abundance. It will be an education and a workshop from someone (me) who knows how to make a lot of money ($150 Million so far) and I know how to teach you to make money too. So let’s go!

Pick your Payment Plan

You can sign up and pay $297 per month starting in January, or you can pay $2,970 and get the whole year with TWO MONTHS FREE. (Nearly $600 in value.) Either way, sign up now and commit to the last and best year of coaching with me.

Prepay for the year, and you will receive TWO MONTHS FREE. This is Brooke’s gift for it being the last best year. Your total for the year will be $2,970.