You Would Like to Coach with Me Personally without Spending Thousands of Dollars per Month?

I've got you covered.

If you are someone who has studied self help, been exposed to coaching, and wants to take their work to the next level, you're in the right place.

Having a Master Coach is the best way to get the results you want personally and professionally. But most Master Coaches aren't available for coaching. Most of them charge thousands of dollars just for one session.

I know this is true because for the past three years to coach with me live was $12,000.

My waiting list was filled even at this price.

I wasn't helping enough people.

So I have created a way for you to coach with me live and personally.

You just need to take three steps.

First, you need to decide what you most want to work on in your life.

Do you want to lose weight?

Do you want to quit drinking?

Do you want to make more money?

Do you want to be more successful?

Do you want to find out why you aren't taking action?

Or do you simply want to feel better?

Choose the area in your life that isn't working and that you know could be better.

Pick the area where you have a good idea what you need to do, but you just can't seem to get yourself to do it.

You feel frustrated and tired, you are simply sick of not getting what you know is possible for you.

Frustration and procrastination is where my work is the most effective and the results are the fastest.

Second, you need to stop doing what isn't working.

It doesn't make sense, but we keep doing it.

We make plans, we get motivated, we start taking action and then we stop.

We take a break, life gets busy, we get distracted and before we know it, we are back to where we started.

We lose the same 10 pounds over again.

We harm our relationships with ourselves and others.

We fall short of our goals and our results.

We end up back frustrated and defeated, knowing we are capable of more.

You have to stop this pattern. It will never work.

Stop trying to see your life from within your own brain.

Stop trying to do this alone

When you recognize that you need help, you can start getting the perspective you need from someone who is just a bit further down the road. You need someone who can just show you the way.

It's not complicated when you have someone who can point out what you can't see.

When you get a positive and motivated coach, you can rely on her to change your pattern of starting and stopping.

I'm that coach.

The final thing you need to do is commit.

It's not enough to hope.

It's not enough to want.

You have to commit to getting the results you want.

You have to commit to the change.

Everything you create in your life starts with your thinking. So you must commit to changing your thoughts by coaching yourself.

Your thoughts create your feelings, so by changing your thoughts, you will change your feelings.

Your feelings will fuel your actions, so when you change your feelings you will change what you do.

And ultimately that will change the results you are creating in your life.

It's a simple formula we should have been taught in school.

But it's not to late. We can learn it now if we have the right teacher and are willing to practice.

My coaching program works.

I have helped my clients achieve dreams beyond what they even imagined.

And now I want to offer you the same opportunity.

I have created a program for you, Self Coaching Scholars.

It's a program where you study yourself.

Once you understand how you operate, then you can take the authority to create what you want.

The only thing holding you back is emotion.

Doubt, fear, laziness, confusion, frustration, overwhelm

And I am the master of teaching you how to overcome and use emotion instead of letting emotion create failure and disappointment.

Exactly What You're Getting

First of all, this isn't like many self-help or coaching courses. I offer no fluff or any filler. I don't include obvious affirmations or untested processes - just the actual work I did on my own life and with my clients.

The tools are simple to learn.

Learning them is not the issue. I have taught these tools for free on my podcast for years.

It's applying the material that can get more tricky. It's when you take the ideas and put them to work in your life that you might have some bumps in the road.

Until now, you haven't been able to get my help with your specific situation without joining one of my high-end coaching programs. And I know I can help you. Usually, it's just a few tweaks that get you from missing the mark to the exact results you are wanting.

I have used these exact processes and tools to help thousands of clients lose weight, stop drinking, make a lot more money, and improve their relationships.

It's More Than Just Coaching.

You can use all the tools I teach you not just to stop bad habits, but to create your own mind blowing results.

I never thought I would be able to stop overeating. But I did. And that is not even the best part. The best part is I don't even WANT to overeat. I don't even desire it. It's a miracle.

I don't procrastinate anymore. I get my work done on time now. I set a plan and I follow through. Period. I don't lie to myself or make up excuses. I used to always let myself down and now that isn't even an option.

This work has aligned what I do with what I want to do. That always seemed like a puzzle, now it's very clear.

I have clients who have used my processes and tools to build dream businesses, change jobs, meet new partners, lose weight, eliminate anxiety, and most importantly, develop a healthy relationship with themselves allowing them to make more of a contribution.

There's more to my work than just coaching. When you work with me you will get so much more. Here is a fraction of what you get...

  • A true understanding of how to solve all problems by properly categorizing them and decifering their cause
  • How to feel negative emotion so you don't have to avoid or resist it by acting in ways you don't want to act
  • A new perspective on how much power you have in your life through full emotional responsibility
  • A reliable way to set up your goals and get them done without spending a lot of extra time you most likely don't have
  • You will lose your fear of depression, anxiety, anger, apathy and frustration. These emotions are harmless if you know how to manage them
  • A way of awareness that reveals how your thinking creates your feelings and ultimately your results and how to change it
  • A recipe for massive action towards the things you WANT to accomplish and a turn away from false pleasures that eat up your time and your health
  • A proven way to feel better from the inside out
  • A proven way to make your life more like you want it to be and less like something you think you have to accept
  • A formula to turn ideas and dreams into accomplishment
  • A way to set clear boundaries in relationships
  • The best way I know to feel more love
  • How to replace false pleasure with genuine pleasure
  • More peace in your thinking and in your feelings.

You're right...that's a lot of strategies and tools. It's what I believe is the magical combination of ingredients that no one else is teaching.

And it gets better, because you are also getting...

A System For Feeling Better Every Day, Consistently.

I'm not talking about feeling better for a few minutes.

I'm talking about feeling better all day and every day.

This simple and effective method doesn't eliminate negative emotion from your life (you would never want that), it simply teaches you how to manage it in a way that doesn't compound it.

The best part is...

This Program Is Specifically Designed For People Who Have Learned The Concepts, But Aren't Seeing The Huge Benefits Yet.

Listen. If you have listened to my podcast and read hundreds of self-help books, you are not alone. I think I have read every book ever written on feeling better and having a better life.

And that is why I have spent years developing the system I give you in this program.

When you use it, two things will happen.

First, you will start to become more conscious in your life. You will start to understand how much control you have over the experiences you have every day.

This is really important, because if you think your day is just happening to you, then the feeling of powerlessness you experience will prevent you from making any changes.

The next thing you will notice is this:

You'll Know How To Change Direction Immediately.

And you will do it without any struggle, you won't have to force yourself to do anything. You won't have to use willpower or suffer in order to get through your day or accomplish your tasks.

That's because of the way the method and the tools work.

I've created it using a combination of cognitive behavioral therapy, high-value coaching techniques, and consciousness-building tools that actually help all of the strategies I teach become automatic with practice.

Yes. You heard that right. You will get to the point where these tools become a part of how your brain naturally functions. It's the exact psychology we should have learned from our teachers in sixth grade!

Here Is What You Do Next.

The cost of my year-long program is $297 per month and you are a member instantly when you enroll.

As soon as you sign up, you will get an automatic receipt with a link to a special membership site with full access to the bonus tools.

Then, our team here at The Life Coach School, will get notice that you have enrolled and we will get to work creating a personal package of materials and goodies that we will send to your door.

You will get the digital versions right away, but the hard copy versions are something we are very excited for you to get. You can read them, write in them and study them as you play the accompanying videos.

To be very clear. You will get instant access to four booklets and two videos immediately upon enrolling. We consider this your sign up bonus.

These are the best tools to get you started:

  • Self Coaching 101
  • How to Feel Better
  • Why You Aren't Taking Action and How to Get it Done
  • Stop Buffering

You will also receive them in hard copy in your mailbox.

And this is just the bonus. The monthly coaching program is in addition to the bonus.

Oh, and in case you are wondering...

There Is No Catch!

Most of you will realize that this is very inexpensive compared to my other coaching programs.

Many of you have seen my other enrollment opportunities at thousands of dollars per month.

But this is a new offering based on your feedback. Many of you have wanted to work with me and have been desperate to find a more affordable way.

You have seen the success of my clients who work with me for over a year, and you want some of that.

That is the exact reason I created this membership.

Here Is How The Program Works.

Once you have enrolled and you receive the bonuses, you will be added to the next month membership shipment.

Each month you will receive four things from me:

  1. A course booklet and video teaching my latest tools and how to apply them.
  2. A podcast study guide including the next four podcast topics before they are released and an accompanying study guide for each one of them.
  3. A monthly behind-the-scenes video of me in my home office sharing with you my personal coaching struggles and how I handle them.
  4. Four LIVE video calls with me coaching you and your classmates on anything we are working through during the month

Yes. You Will Get To Coach With Me Live.

But with all that being said, there's ONE thing you need to keep in mind:

Time Is Of The Essence.

To create these booklets, the videos that accompany them, and ship them to your home. takes a bit of time. (You will see in the behind-the-scenes video exactly how we do this.)

It is pretty expensive to get everything printed and shipped.

So why would we do that?

Simple: It's SUPER FUN to get something in the mail now. We are so overloaded with getting stuff online and in our email, but when we get a package in the mail it can feel like a present!

I know I feel this way every time Amazon brings me a book. I open it like it's Christmas morning.

I'm delighted to offer this same experience with this special package.

But I want to make sure you get it in time to read the booklets and watch the videos. I kept them pretty short by fine-tuning them down to the most important processes and tools. You should be able to read and watch within a few hours, but I want to get them into your hands!


This will be a separate shipment of goodies that will arrive each month before we start coaching.

You will have a chance to read the materials and start applying them before we get on the video conference to discuss.

(Don't be worried about the video conferencing if you don't have a fancy computer with a camera. We have a phone number you can use to call in and just listen or be coached simply by phone.)

And I Am Committed To You For A Year.

When you sign up for coaching, do yourself a solid and commit for one year.

If you sign up in March, commit to staying with me until March.

If you sign up in October, stay until the following October.

We start each month with fresh, brand new content.

I only want to work with people who give me a long-term commitment, and here's why...

I have noticed that the people who work with me long-term are the exact same ones who get the results they want.

Short term clients get short term fixes. And I'm not interested in that.

I want to get you enough practice with these tools on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, that you don't even have to struggle to make it happen. It becomes your new normal.

My Guarantee Is Bold.

If you do this work, your life will change for the better.


But you have to give it effort, practice, and time. At least a full year.

But here's the deal...

If you sign up and decide this work isn't for you and you don't want to keep working with me, you can cancel your membership at any time. This is not in your best interest, but it's absolutely your choice.

And Even Better...

If you stick with me the entire year and do all the work and your life isn't waaaay better than when you started, I will give you all your money back for the entire year!

That is how positive I am that this stuff works.

But you will have to do your part.

You will have to send me ALL your homework and all of your practice notes and all of your models. You have to commit to being all in.

If you do all that, and you don't get mind-blowing results, then you will be the first, and I will of course give you a refund.

But only after you have done it for one year.

To summarize the details:


This is a MONTHLY membership. You can sign up at any time and your membership will start the following month. Each month thereafter, my team will charge your card $297 in exchange for the following:

  • An awesome package in the mail with your lesson booklet and USB loaded with videos
  • Four part study guide for upcoming podcast month
  • Behind the scenes of my business and my personal self-coaching work
  • Four live coaching calls with me

You can cancel your membership at any time and we will stop charging your card, remove you from the membership, and stop sending you wonderful packages in the mail. Previous months are not refundable.


If you work with me the entire year and your life has not gotten incredibly better and you have done all the work (sent to me), I will give you a 100% refund FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR OF COACHING. (It's simply not going to happen - it's never happened in my 10 years of being a coach.) This is how confident I am in this work.

We have hired a dedicated team to manage this program. They can answer any questions you might have about enrollment or any help you need during the program. You can easily access them by email or phone or text. Please don't be shy, we love talking to you.

Phone or text us: 916-461-3116

Enroll While You're Excited!

We want to get the bonuses and monthly materials to you before the live calls.

We will ship it out as soon as you enroll.


I'm so EXCITED to work with you and can't wait to see what you bring to your year.

— Brooke Castillo