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Get Coached.

I mean it.

Every person on this planet needs a life coach.

I can prove it.

Your brain is designed for survival and preservation.

It creates negative stories that don’t serve you in your professional and personal relationships.

It dictates sentences to you all day long that you may not be aware of.

When you get coached, you realize what is going on in there.

60k thoughts per day.

If you have areas in your life where you know you aren’t showing up in the way you most want to, it is because of the thoughts (the sentences) in your brain playing on autopilot.

These thoughts that were programmed without your knowing throughout your whole life.

One thought can change the trajectory of your day, your week, your year, and eventually your legacy.

Many of them unconscious and negative.

When you get coached, you get to see these thoughts.

You get to see how they are determining how you…



Create Results.

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Welcome to Get Coached

The Get Coached Program

You will get access to the same principles and philosophies that I’ve used to help thousands of people just like you achieve their dreams. It’s literally like having a life coach at your fingertips.

You’ll get unlimited access to:

  • A weekly one-to-one coaching session
  • Group coaching sessions
  • Access to 10 online courses
  • All of Brooke’s books and workbooks
  • Plus much, much, more…

Private One-to-One Coaching Sessions

You’ll work with a Certified Life Coach who is trained to help you find what is holding you back in your mind so you can reach your full potential.



Private One-to-One Coaching Sessions

3 Group Coaching Sessions Per Week

Access to Group Coaching Calls where you can see people be coached and also raise your hand to be coached by a Certified Life Coach. You’ll learn how to deal with conflict in yourself and your relationships so you can feel more excited about life.

3 Group Coaching Sessions Per Week

Access To Brooke’s Life Coaching Books and Workbooks

Packed full with content to help you gain self confidence, make more money, and change what’s possible in your life.


Access To Brooke's Life Coaching Books and Workbooks

Access To 10 Online Courses

Our entire product suite of courses including Stop Overeating, Stop Overdrinking, Self Confidence, Money: How to Have More of It, Achieving Your Goals, Relationships, and more.

10 online courses

What People Are Saying

shaun roney

“Whether you pick one thing inside to focus on, or choose to dabble in different areas, the result will be life-changing. It was for me.”

Shaun Roney

carly tizzano

“Using what I have learned in Get Coached, I have written a book, grown one business, started another, become certified, improved my relationships, lost weight, and much more.”

Carly Tizzano

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