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We teach you everything you need to know to become an extraordinary life coach and enjoy the perfect career.

Join us this week for three exciting webinars where we’ll share everything you’ve ever wanted to know about becoming Certified. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to switch careers or if you’re already a life coach and want to take your coaching practice to a new level.

It’s time to bet on yourself and see what you’re capable of. You need to be on these calls.

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Unlock Your Dream Career

The Opportunity of Life Coaching

THIS WEEK: Tuesday, June 6th, at 12 pm PT / 1 pm MT / 2 pm CT / 3 pm ET

Join Master Certified Coach and Life Coach School CEO Erika Royal and learn why life coaching is the perfect career.

Meet Erika Royal, Harvard Law School grad, Master Certified Coach, and CEO of The Life Coach School. Discover how the Coach Certification Program transformed her career—and life. She’s sharing the behind-the-scenes details of her journey and how coach training helped her create positive impact and legacy. 

Get all your questions answered as Erika shares the truth about the life coaching industry, The Life Coach School, and the opportunities that await you when you complete Certification. 

Wondering if life coaching is the perfect career for you? Erika’s giving you the simple framework that will help you decide whether becoming a life coach is right for you. (And what to do next.) 

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Mastering The Art of Coaching

What Happens During Life Coach Certification

THIS WEEK: June 7th, at 2 pm PT / 3 pm MT / 4 pm CT / 5 pm ET

Learn more about the coaching tools you’ll master and the transformation you’ll experience in our Coach Certification Program on this call with Master Certified Coach and Director of Programming Courtney Delgado.

Get an exclusive look inside the program. On this webinar, Courtney’s giving you a sneak peek of what really happens during Coach Training.

Wondering if you’re ready? You’ll learn all about our Coach Certification curriculum, requirements, the tools you’ll master, and the transformation you’ll experience—personally and professionally—in our Coach Certification Program.

The benefits of Coach Certification and beyond. We don’t just teach you the tools, we help you apply them with your clients and in your own life. When you’re a Life Coach School Certified Coach, we’ve got you covered every step of the way with our ongoing Alumni Benefits.

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Step Into Your Future Self

Meet The Instructors

THIS WEEK: Thursday, June 8th, at 12 pm PT / 1 pm MT / 2 pm CT / 3 pm ET

On this webinar, led by Master Certified Coach and Director of Coach & Instructor Development Katie Pulsifer, you’ll meet our inspiring team of Certified Coach Instructors and learn how they guide students through the Coach Certification experience.

Our Certified Coach Instructors were once exactly like you—future life coaches deciding if Coach Training was the next right step. Learn how they embraced the call and became examples of what’s possible.

Curious about what it takes to become a Certified Coach Instructor? This instructor team is the best of the best. Learn all about our instructor requirements and training.

Start your personal transformation. Our instructors will demonstrate the power of coaching so you can begin your journey to becoming your future self now.

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Alisha Robinson

This was by far the best decision and investment I’ve ever made. I knew I’d learn how to coach others but I had no idea how life changing this experience would be for myself and my own growth. I’m finally in the right mindset to lose weight, improve my relationships, and reach my financial goals. If you’re on the fence, know that if you do sign up, the LCS team has your back and your investment will come back 10 fold.

Zayne K.

I am able to take the tools and principles that I’ve learned at The Life Coach School through Certification and apply them in my personal life, my family life, and also in my business.

Carrie Marshall

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