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Brooke Castillo



I think laughing might be the most important thing.

I am fascinated by people who never seem to laugh.

I laugh at everything.  I love laughing.

I am always looking for an excuse to laugh.  I want to find you funny.

My kids are always laughing.   They laugh at us mostly. But I love hearing them laugh.

Babies laughing are the best.

My favorite is to spot someone trying not to laugh-which of course makes them laugh harder.

I wonder how many times I laugh per day.  It’s a lot.

My friend Jodi and I are always laughing really loud wherever we go.  It makes other people laugh. I think laughing is contagious.

I’ve been told more than once to keep it down because my laugh is so loud.  I never do.

I’ve been told laughing is unprofessional.  I totally disagree.

I think the world would be more awesome if we laughed more than we worried.

Everything has a funny side. I am always looking for it.

Don’t be so serious. It prevents laughing.

Find what’s funny.

And there’s always something funny.