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How To Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur simply means you’re a person trying to sell something and make money.

There are entrepreneurs who go into business for fun, and some who have businesses that can completely run without them.

I don’t think being an entrepreneur is about being excited and motivated and inspired all of the time.

Being an entrepreneur is about wanting to be challenged. There is more required of you.

Being an entrepreneur is a privilege.

You have the opportunity to do very hard things and evolve more as a human. It makes you better than who you would have been if you didn’t have the opportunity.

Not everyone should be an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship has gotten much more common and sexy in the last 20 years. But it comes with huge challenges.

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Step #1: Find a group of people with a problem they want to pay to solve.

This is your niche or target market.

Go out and find a small group of people with a problem that you are able to solve.

These people have a problem that you understand and can create the perfect solution for.

Your target market must know they have a problem and they must be willing and eager to pay for a solution. They should be actively looking for a solution. For you.

It’s like finding a group of people in the desert who are very thirsty. They know they have a problem and they are searching for the solution.

If you’ve already created a program, you must go find the people who have that problem.

You have to make sure there are people who want to buy it. It doesn't matter how amazing your program is if you sell it to the wrong people.

For example, you can’t sell the cure to lung cancer to someone with pancreatic cancer. No matter how good it is, they don’t need it.

But if you find people with lung cancer who don’t want the cure to lung cancer, you won’t think there’s something wrong with you for them not wanting it. You won’t feel pressure to sell it either. You’ll be confused about how they wouldn’t want it.

You would be working from a genuine and motivated place. You would be able to explain it better and you wouldn’t feel pressure to sell it. You would know it is the perfect cure for them. Selling becomes easy when you know how valuable your offer is.

Step #2: Position yourself to your clients.

Who are you to your target market? A guide, coach, authority, master, teacher, friend? Are you exclusive? Do you give the most value for the least price? Are you the most expensive?

Share who you are and what you bring to the table. This is built through self coaching and confidence.

Who are you to the people you are selling to and what people are you looking to attract?

The more uniquely you position yourself, the better. Don’t look to other people, look to your clients to decide.

You will turn some people off and that is a beautiful thing.

Step #3: Define your offer.

What are you offering?

Common mistakes I often see are offers that are all over the place and have too many choices.

A customer does not want decisions.

Pick one niche and one problem to solve.

Do not be tempted to sell a bunch of different things. Don’t scrape the nickels off the floor. Stick to one target market until you’re making $100k.

What are you offering to your people? What are you providing that is of value?

It needs to be different and something they can’t get anywhere else. Once it’s available elsewhere, you have to offer the lowest price. If it’s special, people are willing to pay a lot more.

If you make your offer specific to them, no one else can compete. No one else is offering coaching the way that I am. I have zero competition.

How can you make your offer different?

Match your niche and your positioning to your offer, and don’t offer it to everyone. Offer only to people who want and need your solution now.

Provide more value. Make your offer irresistible. Make it different than what anyone else has ever seen.

Our brain is always looking for something new and different, and your offer has to be more valuable than what the client is paying for.

Offer the solution or result to their problem. They want their problem to be solved, and what you’re offering is the solution. What matters is getting the solution. That's what they’re paying for.

They are likely to buy if they are going to get what they want in their life.

Don’t sell them on the actual plane ride to get there, sell the destination. Sell the result. What will they be creating?

Price the offer based on the value they’ll get.

Step #4: Create a funnel.

This is how you will bring customers into your life. Introduce the product and give results ahead of time.

Find your pocket of people and ask them how you can help.

Give them something super valuable. When they listen, they will know that you can help them. It makes them want more. Let people know you can help.

Invite your potential clients to get something free from you, like Facebook ads that provide a freebie. Give them a taste of the results you provide.

Bring them through your funnel and invite them to pay at the end. Keep inviting them and keep giving value. Some will buy right away, others will wait six months.

Just keep offering results and providing value. Focus on people who are interested.

You have to invite them and make an offer. Ask them why they haven’t joined yet.

Why do you have a hard time making an offer? Did you know that there is a direct correlation with the number of offers you make and the number of people who will say yes to your offer?

And people will say no, too. But the more you offer, the more people say yes.

Are you making enough offers? Are your offers irresistible?

My coaching program is like a Mercedes for $10. I’m always offering it because I’m willing to hear the no’s.

You have to have an offer that you love offering. You have to believe in your product so deeply that you have to want to offer it to everyone who needs your solution.

When you believe in your offer, it's fun to offer. They genuinely need it.

Selling sucks when you don't believe in your offer and they don't need it.

Are you so excited that you found the thing of value that they need and want and can use? Are you offering the best?

I’m not going to feel bad about myself if you don't want it. I just haven't done a good job of conveying the value of it.

At the end of your funnel, you need to be willing to sell.

You need to be able to convey the value to the person who needs it. It doesn’t matter what you’re selling. Get the right people and make the offer over and over and over.

Step #5: Blow their mind with value and overdeliver every time.

They’re going to get the result.

They’re going to tell everyone about it.

They’re going to make referrals.

And your business will take off.

How to Apply This to Your Life

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