What if you can change your life in just three days? (And have fun, too?)

Life Coach Live
November 18th-20th | Streaming Live

The first life coach event of its kind. Come away with a new way to manage your mind, create incredible possibilities for your life, and make a contribution to the world.

Here is the story of Life Coach Live.

Life Coach Live was created for one reason–YOU

Taking control of your life starts here.

How can I make my life better with everything going on in the world?

The question we get asked most often at the life coach school.

Life Coach Live is for you if:

  • You want to feel better and more productive every day.
  • You feel a pull to make a contribution with your life.
  • You want to explore new possibilities for your future.
  • You are ready to step out of your comfort zone and try something new.

Photo of Brooke Castillo at a Life Coaching event.

Life Coach Live was developed for you.

It will help you change yourself in every way. We will start with the circumstances of the world and help you learn how to change your thinking. We will help you manage your emotional life so you don’t have to feel so bad about feeling bad. We will change the way you take action and help you change any behaviors that aren’t serving you. Ultimately, we will teach you how to create the results you most want for your life.

You might not even know what is possible for you in your life. We will show you that by living into your best possibilities you can make a contribution just by being an example of what is possible to the people around you.

You are worthy of seeing what you are capable of. It is our mission to help show you the way to what you might not even yet know is possible.

Photo of Brooke Castillo at a Life Coaching event.

Are you ready to truly change and evolve?

The next step in your journey is just one step away. You hold the power of your future in your hands right now. By reserving a seat at Life Coach Live you are saying yes to the transformative power of coaching that will focus on your future, your mind, and your ability to make a contribution with your life.

Photo of Brooke Castillo sitting on stage.
November 18-20

An unmissable Live Community Event and Coaching Experience

It’s time to see what is possible for you. It’s time to take control and change your life.

If you have been waiting to make the changes you most need to make to get what you want—it’s time to open up and make a contribution with your life.

Lynn Grogan

“I know I never have to binge again, drink again, beat myself up again. I have the tools to pursue anything I want in life. I am learning how to feel my feelings. I have better relationships. I blow my own mind daily and I know I can do this again and again for the rest of my life.”

Lynn G.

Arianna Vargas

“I feel like I have the secret to life, and I have all tools I need to keep growing and evolving. I realized the power of my thinking, and I feel so empowered to create the results I want. I am excited about my future because I know that I can do anything.”

Arianna V.

Emily Washburn

“The tools are like glorious water to a thirsty soul—I moved beyond depression, and I’m so much lighter and more peaceful. I know I can handle anything now because I’ve learned how to handle my emotions and not run away from them.”

Emily W.

Streaming tickets are still available for this event.

You can get all three days of this event streamed into your own home. You will get all the same content and the opportunity to participate and get coached live.

Get Coached Live By Brooke Castillo

(or watch someone else and get what you need).

Brooke Castillo is a Master Certified Coach who understands the art of coaching like no one else. She has been coaching for 17 years and watching her coach is like nothing you have ever seen. She always has everyone laughing, having aha moments, and sometimes crying with relief. It’s amazing how something so life-changing can also be so entertaining. You must experience her coaching in person in front of live audience at least once.

Learn The Life Coaching Model

The Model is one of the most powerful psychological tools in use today. It is simple and elegant, but don’t let its simplicity fool you. It has helped people make more money, lose weight, stop overdrinking, improve their relationships, and so much more.

Brooke will teach it to you, demonstrate it, help you practice it, and ultimately, give you a chance to master it. The Model is the most complete tool for making your life better. We aren’t just going to show you this, we are going to prove it. By the time you leave after three days, you will have changed not only your perspective on yourself and your life, but you will have changed what you want to create as a possibility for your future.

Learn The Possibility Formula

You will learn The Possibility Formula based on Brooke’s book and life coaching curriculum. She will teach you how to question your current beliefs about what is possible in your life and how to think about new possibilities. But she won’t leave you with just a bunch of new ideas—you will leave with an actual roadmap and a plan to make it all come true. Brooke doesn’t just teach these ideas, she lives them, and it is evident in the tremendous accomplishments she has to show for it through her personal life and through The Life Coach School, a multimillion dollar corporation that was literally created using The Possibility Formula.

Thoughts And Mindset

Thoughts And Mindset

Feelings And Fuel For Action

Feelings And Fuel For Action

Behavior Change And Growth

Behavior Change And Growth

Goals And Possibilities

Goals And Possibilities

Meet Your Coach


Life Coach Live was developed for you.

Master Certified Life Coach Instructor and Founder of The Life Coach School

Brooke Castillo has been a life coach for 17 years. She has thousands of coaching hours and has helped thousands of people change their life for the better. She is the creator of The Self Coaching Model and The Possibility Formula, as well as hundreds of other coaching tools. She has the reputation of being one of the best coaches in the industry. Her mission is to be an example of what is possible when you use life coaching as a way to stay conscious and aware. She believes in using our minds to create more love and contribution, while at the same time creating wealth and success with our one human life.

“What you are going to do is take this information… and you’re going to change the world. I promise you.”

- Brooke Castillo

Ashley Welch

“As always, Brooke goes over and above; this is more than a program, it changes your life. Brooke gives you everything you need to become an amazing person, and an amazing business owner.”

Ashleigh W.

Corinne Crabtree

“Brooke taught me how to quit thinking of who I wanted to be and actually start becoming the person I always was meant to be.”

Corinne C.

Alisha Robinson

“It will transform the way you think about yourself and the people in your life. It will evolve your brain in a way you never imagined.”

Alisha R.

What your life coach live experience will look like.

Live Coaching

You will have the opportunity to get coached by Brooke Castillo and also watch her use the Model live with other students. You will see how quickly coaching can work live and in person with real issues and real problems solved on the spot. You will see increased consciousness happen for the person being coached and also by every single person in the room.

Practice The Model

You will learn the Model directly from Brooke and see it demonstrated, but you will also get to practice it and work on your own issues or dreams right there within your personalized workbook. You will not just be passively listening but using the Model in real time to change how you think, feel, and act immediately.

Create New Possibilities

By using The Possibility Formula that Brooke will teach you, you will create a new possibility that might not have even occurred to you before. She has a way of showing you how your current socialization and education might be limiting you from seeing other options in your future for what might come next that you hadn’t even considered. This is always a student favorite. Once you learn this formula, you will want to use it in all areas of your life.

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