The Life Coach Live Event—How an Overweight Working Mother Used Self Coaching Tools, Achieved Incredible Personal Transformation and Made $40,000,000 in One Year While Having Fun Too!

The Life Coach Live Event—November 18th-20th | Streaming Live

The first life coach event of its kind. The three-day event will teach you the tested and proven Self Coaching Model that has helped me make $40,000,000 in one year by using it myself and by coaching others. It will help you with your own transformation, whatever that is for you! You may want to start your own coaching business too!

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Who Is This Event For?

Maybe you are a working mother who struggles with depression, procrastination, drinking, or overeating and you want total independence, perhaps to start your own business and make your own money, but you try things and you don’t seem to progress.

Maybe you are a life coach and are trying to break your limiting beliefs about coaching, or you feel like an imposter; you don’t believe that you could be a great life coach.

Maybe your relationships are boring and hard or you are constantly fighting with your significant other over small stupid things that don’t really matter. You are agitated and frustrated with them and yourself all the time, and you are worried the relationship won’t last.

You are worried that you won’t live up to the standards of the most important people in your life or you fear getting fired from work all the time because you are not confident enough. If that is you, then stick around!

Maybe you fear you are not making enough money and won’t be able to meet the bills. If you read books or watched YouTube videos on self help, coaching, personal development and tried the things mentioned there and failed, then stick around.

You would work on your goals but then feel terrible and stop. You really tried but you couldn’t control yourself. Like something was a bit wrong with you, a bit off. Your life is OK, but your deep desire for it to be great is constantly nagging at you.

Maybe you’re making some money but then spent most of it and are constantly afraid that you are not living up to your own potential and that you will never get ahead. You feel like you are a smart person and that you have all the puzzle pieces, but you somehow can’t put them together. You feel like you are almost there—you just need a bit of final guidance.

Maybe you are aware of your limiting beliefs, and you know if you fix that one limiting belief in your conscious awareness, you will be successful! If you suspect that you could be that person, but you are missing only that one thing, then you are at the right place!

You know you are on the verge of success, but you need help. You know once you solve this, you will transform yourself to create higher value.

You are motivated, smart, technical, and you have resources at your disposal. You just need a game plan to pull it all together. If you are willing to break through walls to make your dream reality, then this event is for you!

If you hate being broke, not having enough money or running out of money, being frustrated with your job, not having control over your emotions. If you hate making excuses about why you can’t live the life you want and keep wasting your time with mundane things.

If you hate self sabotaging, procrastinating, and delaying taking action, then THIS EVENT IS FOR YOU!

Here Is the Truth:

You can take control over your feelings, actions, and results that those actions produce by self coaching. The problem is that most self coaching does not holistically approach all your thoughts and feelings and how those affect your actions and results.

It is not your fault that you are not succeeding and being at the level that you want to be. It is not your fault that you still haven’t put all the puzzle pieces together. It is simply that most information out there does not teach you the cause-and-effect relationships between your circumstances, thoughts, feelings, actions, and results.

I’ve created the best and most elegant model that solves this problem. I call it the CTFAR Model, which stands for Circumstances, Thoughts, Feelings, Actions, and Results.

I’ve been coaching for 18 years, and have dedicated those years to helping people with all sorts of issues through the CTFAR self coaching method I have developed.

Now I want to share it with you in a three-day Life Coach Live event and help you change your life FOREVER!

Background Story

The Model works. It has worked for me and has worked for thousands of my students. I used it to make myself $40,000,000 in 2021.

I will explain the premise of the Model here, but before we get into its steps, here is a bit about my background for those of you who don’t know me.

For almost 20 years, I have been a leader in the life coaching and self development space.

I have coached thousands of clients individually and in groups to improve their lives, their weight, their businesses, and their careers.

I am a Master Certified Life and Weight Coach who provides an example of what is possible.

I am a published author of several self coaching books, but almost 18 years ago, when I discovered the Model that I want to teach you, I was always struggling slightly.

I could almost get things done, but procrastinated too much. I was drinking too much white wine at night, almost against my own will.

I was overeating food when I wasn’t even hungry. It seemed like I was in a cycle of fixing, self improvement, and then destruction. I couldn’t seem to make progress.

My relationships were either boring or hard. I fought with my husband over stupid things that didn’t really matter, reacting and acting like a child sometimes. And then other times, I felt as if we had nothing to say to each other. I was agitated and frustrated with him and myself all the time.

I made some money but then spent most of it. I was constantly afraid that I wasn’t living up to my own potential and that I would never get ahead. I felt like each of the teachers I studied had one part of the puzzle, but I didn’t know how to put the pieces together.

I would work on my actions but then feel terrible, so I would stop. I had anxiety, so I would try to comfort myself without understanding why I had it in the first place.

I loved myself enough, but I just felt like I couldn’t control myself. Like something was a bit wrong with me, a bit off. My life was good enough, but I had a deep desire for it to be great that was constantly nagging at me.

I couldn’t figure out what to do. I looked everywhere for a solution, and I couldn’t find it. I was so frustrated, but one day, while driving a minivan to the park with my two children in the back seats,I was listening to an audiobook and heard this one sentence!

I yelled at the car stereo, “What?!”

The sentence was: “Your thoughts create your feelings.”

Everything came together in an instant. I rushed home after the park and wrote down what we now call the Self Coaching Model, which I will briefly explain in a second.

I started applying it to my issues, and I lost 70 pounds, quit overdrinking, created The Life Coach School and influenced hundreds of thousands of people. And thanks to the Model, last year I made $40,000,000!

The Model changed everything for me, and I started teaching it to everyone in a very specific way. And so many people changed their lives so fast.

I could not keep up with the people coming to me to learn the Model. It was like a wildfire! Everyone was winning.

Here is how the Model works and what it is based on.

Step 1: Get clear on the facts of your life!

Step 1: Get clear on the facts of your life!

Before being familiar with the Model, when people were trying to deal with their issues, they would try to change the way they felt in any way they could RIGHT NOW!

That could be by drinking, overeating, or running away from themselves in one way or another! Negative feelings are obviously not pleasant, and our nervous system is designed to pull us away from those in any way possible.

People’s inability to deal with their issues created frustration, procrastination, and ultimately, giving up on their goals and deepest desires.

However, when understanding the Model, the first step is to become honest about the actuality of your circumstances.

This will give you confidence that you know exactly what is wrong with your life and what you actually need to be fixing.

In this step you should be coming up with the most pressing circumstance in your life that you want to change, and you need to be very factual about it. Pick ONLY ONE circumstance! Most people have the tendency of picking a million circumstances and get overwhelmed with where to start and do nothing.

Step 2: Get clear on the one sentence that is in your mind when you are thinking about your ONE circumstance.

Step 2: Get clear on the one sentence that is in your mind when you are thinking about your ONE circumstance.

For most people, when they try to get clear on the main thing that holds their circumstance together, they come up with a million different things, which again leads to confusion, procrastination, and not taking action.

Examples of predominant sentences that I hear often from people are: “I am not enough.” “I can’t do this.’’ “I can’t handle this.’’ “I don’t have the skills.’’

Step 3: Get clear on the feeling/emotion you get when you repeat that one sentence in your mind!

Step 3: Get clear on the feeling/emotion you get when you repeat that one sentence in your mind!

This is the ONE feeling you get from having that sentence stuck in your mind! Is it “overwhelmed,” “frustrated,’’ or something else? Your feeling, combined with the one sentence, looks like this: ‘“I can’t handle this,’’ which makes me feel “overwhelmed.’’

Now you get to discover when you are telling yourself that you can’t handle this, you are feeling overwhelmed! So what do you do now?

Step 4: Find out what actions or nonactions are produced or caused by the feeling created by the one sentence.

Step 4: Find out what actions or nonactions are produced or caused by the feeling created by the one sentence.

For example, if you felt overwhelmed, you probably didn’t do anything, right? Or maybe you picked up a pint of ice cream and snuggled up under a blanket to watch Netflix to distract yourself from your problems. But what you probably didn’t do was examine your thoughts, feelings, and actions, right?

Understanding how this one sentence created your feeling of being overwhelmed is deeply empowering because you are now in control of your actions and, consequently, the results produced by your actions. You understand that those are coming from your one sentence instead of your circumstances!

Now that you have isolated the actual cause, you will be more in control of it, and I want to teach you how to change it at the live event.

The above steps are part of the Self Coaching Model that I have been teaching for the last 18 years. Because this model has consistently worked so well, I want to share it with you so it can help you change your life too!

I am holding a three-day Life Coach Live virtual event on November 18th-20th, where I will teach you the Model, how to audit your current thinking, feeling, actions, and results, as well as many other things. Check the curriculum for Life Coach Live below.


What’s Possible

You will focus on…

  • Attempting Greatness
  • Identifying Where We Are Now
  • Planning Where We Want To Be
  • Living From the Future


Dreams and Decisions

You will learn about…

  • The Dangers of Unacknowledged Desire
  • Turning Desire Into Decisions
  • Creating Value and Contribution
  • How We Took Value and Turned It Around To Create More Value


How They Did It

You will be inspired…

  • Stacey Boehman: Believing New Things AKA How To Create Abundance and Wealth in Your Life
  • Planning the Action To Overcome Obstacles for Your Dreams
  • Judith Gaton: How Being Fabulous Might Make You Think You’re an Imposter When You’re Not
  • Corinne Crabtree: How To Use the Power of Sentences To Lose 100 Pounds and Gain 10 Million Dollars


It’s Your Turn

You will practice…

  • Auditing Your Mind To Find the Sentence
  • Auditing Your Current Feelings, Actions, and Results
  • Possibility Work—Opening up the Options
  • Living From the Future
  • Obstacles to Success (Objections)
  • The Ultimate Plan
  • Putting It All Together

So why shouldn’t you read a book or watch a YouTube video and try to learn how to do those things yourself?

Well, because most YouTube videos or books do not explain the brain and how it works. So this approach usually results in a temporary outcome as you are working against your own brain. It is just treating the symptoms and not the cause!

On the other hand, you can join us at the live event where you will do the work along with me. There is no need for you to spend months or years trying to figure this out by yourself. You will see the method being demonstrated, learn from other people doing the work, and be in a like-minded community that holds you accountable and supports you!

Just check out some of the testimonials of people that have used my Model.

Life Coach Live is November 18th-20th

Mark your calendar and set the time aside to attend live on your computer from the comfort of your own home.

The entire three days is only $177.

You get exactly what in-person attendees paid three times more for streamed into your own home. It’s the same result you will get without the travel.

And with this special early pricing, you will also get four bonuses as part of your event ticket.

BONUS 1: One Private One-to-One Coaching Session. Worth $200!

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This is your chance to draw a line in the sand. You can make a decision to change now. No one has ever changed their life without first making a decision to do so.

You are here for a reason. Don’t let this opportunity slip by you this time.

Click the button and invest in yourself.

As soon as you enroll, we will contact you with information on receiving your box of goodies in the mail, the pre-event course information, and how to claim your bonuses.

Better Than Money Back Guarantee

If you enroll in Life Coach Live, I have your back. I’m so confident you will love this three-day course and realize how much value you got for your money that I am offering an amazing guarantee.

If you attend the three days and don’t think you got an incredible value for your investment in yourself, I will give you a full refund.

Easy. Just email me directly at [email protected]. I will make sure you get every single penny back with no hassle.

And just for your time, I will let you keep all the bonuses.

The only thing I ask is that you show up and watch the content. I know it will change you if you truly show up, pay attention, and apply what I teach. I have thousands of student success stories to prove it.