Learn the Techniques the Best Life Coaches Use To Help Their Clients Overcome Fear, Failure and Self Doubt…

…Even if You’ve Been Stuck for Years

Brooke Castillo | Thank You

Brooke Castillo, Founder of The Life Coach School

Hi Friends,

Imagine feeling excited about life again.

Waking up each day energized about your life and your future.

Here’s the secret: You need to learn how to direct your mind.

But not in the way you might think.

Most people endlessly consume self help but never do anything with it.

That’s because a lot of self help is simply a thinking exercise.

And yes, change does start with your thoughts.

But if it stops there and never turns into actions

Your life isn’t going to change.

So you stay stuck.

In your comfort zone.

The anticipation you once felt for your future?


I want to help you find it again (or maybe for the first time).

Me 25 years ago:

Sitting in a cubicle all day, at my first job after college, I started to feel myself die inside a little every day.

With a degree in psychology, I always thought I would help people for a living.

But here I was working at Hewlett Packard in procurement.

I was talking to manufacturers, people who design printers, learning pricing models and inventory management.

All I could see was an endless stretch of years ahead of me.

Cubicle. Printers. Purchase orders.

But there was a good salary.

There was health insurance.

The things that I was told I should want.

While I knew I was meant for so much more, I also felt lost and confused about how to change.

Fast forward to today:

I’ve helped millions of people through my popular podcast (with nearly 500 episodes and counting).

I run one of the country’s most successful life coaching schools.

We train life coaches and coach people who want a better life.

And none of this would have been possible without the ability to take the thoughts I had in my head and turn them into actions.

Because it’s only actions that can create results in the world.

Taking the thoughts in our heads and turning them into results is what I have mastered through a framework I call the Get Coached Model.

It’s how we train our coaches, how we coach others, and how we coach ourselves.

The Model is the truth of how the world works simplified to its essence so it’s actionable for everyone.

To get unstuck.

To transform your life.

To reach impossible goals.

But I don’t want you to just believe me.

I want you to judge for yourself…

How Would Your Life Be Different if You Experienced
Results Like Many of My Clients?

Ivy Sun

“My frequent cycles of depression are almost gone! I finally got down to the “skinny” clothes I was saving from 15 years ago, and they are too big! I can wear a bikini! I am much happier in my marriage. I am a much kinder and more patient mother. I know that everyone is doing the best they can, including me.”

Ivy Sun

“It’s been an amazing three months! I’ve lost almost 20 pounds, revamped my personal style, got a hold of my anxiety, am building better relationships with my husband and family, and we are embarking on “The Big Move” where we are leaving Portland, OR for Fond du Lac, WI to create the life we have been dreaming about for the last few years. My life is already radically different than 90 days ago and I am not stopping anytime soon.”

Michelle Buck Stark

Emily Washburn

“I’m finally taking the time to work on myself and this is the perfect program to really take a look what is going on in the mind and effectively make change.”

Emily Washburn

Jennifer Aquino

“My goal was always to drink less, but I never seemed to have any real success in the past. This year I’ve made amazing progress to plan my drinking, reduce desire, and cut out about 90% of my alcohol consumption. I never thought that was possible. I’ve also been testing myself in new situations by attending parties and events without alcohol which is a first for me!”

Jen Aquino

Anna Rodrigues

“I have tried support groups, therapy, and all healthcare options. [This] work is what finally transformed my anxiety, and this is not an exaggeration. My skin is considerably clearer, I look younger! Food is so easy now (I love this), I lost 25 pounds. My confidence is so much greater than I ever imagined—I have taken larger risks!”

Anna Rodrigues

“Brooke is giving me an abundance of tools, but I am doing the work! I am learning so much about myself and realize that I have the power to change my own life. And the best part—I learned that I had the power all along.”

Karen Tennant

Tricia Bolton

“I have a wonderful group of friends and family but I really need and appreciate having coaches in my life who don’t believe and accept my stories, who challenge my preconceptions about myself and the world and remind me when I am being hard on myself.”

Tricia Bolton

“I learned I could handle the emotions, I could examine my thoughts, I could create new thoughts and new results. I didn’t have to rely on anyone else to walk me through it.”

Samantha Carlsen

Kendra Huffman

“I applied all Brooke’s tools on relationships, and it completely changed our marriage. I stopped seeking my husband’s attention to feel validated and lovable. I learned to love myself and not take on his emotions. Our marriage is on a whole new level now.”

Kendra Huffman

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How to Book

The book is called How to Have a Better Life because that is exactly what it teaches.

It’s the concepts we use with clients to help them get unstuck and move toward their dreams.

But it also works to help you simply feel better from day to day.

Or handle your mother-in-law’s next visit.

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Here’s Some of What You’ll Learn Inside the Book:

  • Why knowing this little-known fact about fear will let you take action and move past it like never before (pg. 20).
  • Four reactions to anxiety and the one that gives you the power to change it from debilitating to harmless (pg. 30).
  • Two simple techniques to conquer anxiety (hint: it’s something you already know how to do) (pg. 34).
  • See page 48 for the number one cause of overeating and how to eliminate it (the technique works for overdrinking, binging on Netflix, or any behavior you want to reduce).
  • The proven five-step system that transforms you from being filled with self doubt to confident (pg. 56).
  • Five questions that release negative thoughts about past mistakes and disappointments so you can stop fixating on them (pg. 77).
  • My simple six-part framework that allows you to solve any problem in your life (pg. 81).
  • You’ll learn the entire Get Coached Model, which is our secret weapon at the School and the key to unlocking your potential (pg. 91).
  • And so much more…

This Works Even if You’ve Been Stuck for Years (or Decades)

People often struggle to create lasting change because they try to manage problems at a surface level instead of getting curious and going deeper.

What gets us unstuck is understanding WHY we make choices or do things that aren’t in our own best interest.

And that understanding can happen in an instant when you have the right tools.

Tools you likely didn’t have access to, until now.

Get the Book Today and Get These Two Bonuses FREE!

How to Think to Yourself

Bonus #1

How to Think to Yourself

Dig deeper into your new understanding of the Model and how to use it.

Over the course of 4 x 50-minute videos taught by Brooke Castillo, you’ll learn the neuroscience of your brain and how important it is to become conscious of your thinking, understand the impact of your thoughts, and consciously program new belief systems that are sustainable.

Bonus #2

Confidence: How To Get More of It

Confidence is the success emotion. The more confidence you have, the more action you will take and the more results you will create.

Over the course of 2 x 50-minute videos taught by Brooke Castillo, watch others get coached and see how to work through the obstacles holding you back from truly showing up in your life.

How to Think to Yourself

How to Have a Better Life is available for a one-time payment of just $4.99. When you order today, you’ll get an immediate digital download plus both bonuses listed above at no additional cost.

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