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Do you want to change your life?

Yes. I mean really.

I mean change it in all the ways it needs to change.
You want to get some dreams going and blow your own damn mind?
For the first time ever, I’m offering Self Coaching Masterclass.

It’s a Six-Day Program taught by me alone.

It’s for my clients, not just coaches.
It’s six days where I’m 100% focused with you on your life.

Never done it before.May never do it again.

You Coming?

Do You Take Your Mind Seriously?

You should.Your mind is your most valuable asset.

Your mind determines...

  • your emotions
  • your motivation
  • your behavior
  • your accomplishments.

Knowing how it works and how to manage it changes everything.

  • your income
  • your job satisfaction
  • your contribution
  • your ability to stop unwanted behavior.

Self Coaching is the process of full mind management and maintenance.And now...

I'm offering a Six-DayIn-Person Masterclass.

This is where you change everything, forever.

Here's what you'll learn...

  • How to Create thinking to generate motivation
  • Identify problem thinking that creates procrastination and negativity
  • How to manage boredom, stress, lack of inspiration, insecurity, and loneliness
  • How to Set Boundaries
  • Find Peace in Relationships
  • Feel more Love
  • Access more power and empowerment
  • How to manage your time and your money

This program is for serious students who are truly ready to learn and apply all the tools of Self Coaching. We will work hard in this program. I will teach you all the concepts and then we will get to work on applying them to each area you most want to work on.

This is not a workshop where I teach you to live and then you go home to apply it. We apply it right there in the room together. We go deep and we go fast. This is the same program style I use to train my coaches, but in this one, I am the one and only coach taking you through my masterclass process in real time.

The financial and time commitment are significant on purpose.
This is for serious students only.

We will have students who want to stop overdrinking, stop overeating, stop feeling depressed all the time, and we will have students who simply want to change the world. The only requirement is that you come open and ready to take your mind and the results you create with it seriously.

If you are all in when it comes to your life and changing it permanently, click the button below to register for a live info call where we will give you all the details and answer all your questions.

Renaissance Hotel in Plano, TX
February 3-9, 2018

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