The Life Coach School

Media Release

Consent Form

The Life Coach School (“the School”) creates marketing campaigns on an ongoing basis, showcasing awards, testimonials, and/or examples of coaching or teaching within its Self Coaching Scholars Program, Coach Certification Program, and/or Alumni Community (the “Marketing Campaigns”). The Marketing Campaigns may include advertisements on social media, in emails, on The Life Coach School websites, in print materials, or other online materials (collectively, the “Advertising”). The Advertising may feature still images, recordings, videos, quotes, testimonials, or recordings of coaching that take place on live coaching calls and/or at in-person events.

This consent form will authorize The Life Coach School to use and print photographs, and/or to use testimonials, videos, recordings, and any other media material containing my name, likeness, voice, and/or image that I provide or which is captured during a live coaching call or at an in-person event (the “Materials”), for educational, informational, and promotional purposes, including in its Advertising.

The Materials may be used in all, but are not limited to, the following: The Life Coach School’s Advertising, newsletters, emails, newspaper or other print articles, web listings, websites, etc. I also voluntarily release The School and any affiliated or related persons or entities from any and all claims and causes of action based upon The School’s use of the Materials, and grant The School permission to use, publish, exhibit, and/or reproduce the Materials in any manner and in any and all media now known or later developed, without obligation to pay me any royalty or compensation of any kind. Such rights include but are not limited to use in connection with advertising, social media, publicity, marketing, fundraising, promotional, and other commercial purposes designed to promote the School in a positive manner.

I have carefully read this release and understand it and am authorized to and do agree to its terms. I understand that my acknowledgement and acceptance will be kept on file by The Life Coach School.