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Modern Emotional Health is the Essential Guide to the MOST IMPORTANT thing in Mental Health

Our emotions drive everything we do and in the modern world our brain is working against us. Too many people are trying to achieve happiness without really understanding emotional health and how to live the full human experience.

This book shows you why you do everything that you do and how you can launch your life to the next level. It is the foundation most people are missing when it comes to mental health.

It doesn’t matter what your goal is, you won’t be able to fully achieve it until you understand your brain and modern emotional health. It is the single most significant piece to fulfilling your desires.

This book teaches you the dangers of false pleasure, why other people don’t cause your feelings, and how to effectively use your emotions. You will learn the secret to living the best life ever and you will be shocked when you learn why it has nothing to do with happiness.

If you thought you knew about life before, your knowledge will expand after reading this. It will make you question everything you have been taught about emotional health.

Once you learn how to experience full emotional health, you will unlock doors to fulfilling your aspirations in ways you could only dream of before.

I’m Brooke Castillo, owner and Master Coach at The Life Coach School.

We are the leading school for training Life Coaches because we stay current in the latest research and cutting-edge studies on all things related to mind management.

I have spent years researching and helping clients achieve their goals. What I have discovered is that the most vital part of goal achievement is the causal relationship between your brain and your actions.

In this book you will learn about the following…

  • What is Modern Emotional Health
  • False Pleasures and How They Keep You Stuck
  • How our Emotional Education is Lacking
  • What is an Unhealthy Emotional Life and What to Do About It
  • The 50/50 Concept in Relationships
  • The Five Steps to Modern Emotional Health
  • How to Experience Full Emotional Health


Your life won’t get any better until you understand this. It is the most important thing I could ever teach you.

Please enjoy the book.

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