Money: Having More of It


I mean really want more?

Are you willing to do the work to have it?

I’m not just talking about earning it. I’m not talking about just the stuff you can buy. I’m talking about you having more money.

Imagine seeing your bank account multiply each year simply because you learn how to have.

We aren’t taught this in school.

We can learn it now.

We can have more money right now by learning how to change our minds now.

When you do this work, you will earn more and then also keep more.

The course includes the following classes:

  • Underearning-How To Stop
  • Overspending and Debt
  • Your Money History
  • Separating Feeling and Money Morality
  • Goals
  • The Capacity to Have

This course also includes recordings of live coaching where I help people just like you learn how to have more money.

“I wasn't making any money and I was working all the time. I was not spending time with my family. The continuous problem was that I doubted everything about myself. In 2018, my impossible goal was to make $100k and I made $120k. Now I've created $800k in my coaching business using these tools.”

Elizabeth Salazar

“I don't wait anymore to feel inspired to work or create. I just plan it out and get it done now. I’ve upleveled my business as a yoga teacher and author. In general, I take myself more seriously while having an absolute blast living this beautiful life.”

Erin Aquin

“This is amazing because there is nothing out there like it. The goal I set last year is a foundation for the one this year and I can keep watching the same content but applying it to a new life circumstance. I have watched the money course over and over again.”

Judith Gaton