Money: Having More of It


“I wasn't making any money and I was working all the time. I was not spending time with my family. The continuous problem was that I doubted everything about myself. In 2018, my impossible goal was to make $100k and I made $120k. Now I've created $800k in my coaching business using these tools.”

Elizabeth Salazar

“I don't wait anymore to feel inspired to work or create. I just plan it out and get it done now. I’ve upleveled my business as a yoga teacher and author. In general, I take myself more seriously while having an absolute blast living this beautiful life.”

Erin Aquin

“This is amazing because there is nothing out there like it. The goal I set last year is a foundation for the one this year and I can keep watching the same content but applying it to a new life circumstance. I have watched the money course over and over again.”

Judith Gaton