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Brooke Castillo

Never Say Never


Ten years ago, I cut up my credit cards and paid off all my debt.

I have been debt free ever since.

I have felt free ever since.

Dave Ramsey taught me so much about living a simplified financial life based on cash. I love him.

I have since taught this and discussed this lifestyle with hundreds of people.

About six months ago, I taught a Rowdy class and one of the students argued that she always pays off her cards and only uses them for the points.

I argued that even when we pay off our cards, there are studies showing we still spend 20% more when we use a credit card vs cash.

I also argued that it’s important to evaluate and know who we are doing business with and to make conscious decisions about the companies we let into our wallets and our lives.

Since that conversation, my Wells Fargo Debit card decided to discontinue their points program.  My argument has always been that debit cards give points too-so who needs a credit card? What’s the reason?

Since that conversation, my friend Angie traveled Upper Class on Virgin to Tuscany with her family of four-all paid with miles.

My friend, Lisa, who seems to pay for everything with points, just booked a week-long vacation in San Diego.

Blog after blog I read on travel talks about doing it for free with miles and points.

Now that I’m going to be traveling for the entire next year of my life, I’ve decided to reconsider.

Chris Guillebeau was the final straw.  His blog (awesome by the way) is filled with “travel hacking” strategies that include flying for free (around the whole wide world) by taking advantage of credit cards, always paying them off and staying debt free.

So, at the risk of losing my status as Dave Ramsey’s biggest fan, I’m going to get a credit card. Maybe ten.

I am going to put all large charges on the card and make an automatic payment to the card on that same day. (My attempt to make it like a debit card.)

I am only working with cards I know and have researched. I will not be carrying a balance. Ever.

I’m going to do this for six months and then evaluate if it’s serving me and my family.  I will see if all the points and miles are worth the added complexity to my simple and very sweet financial life.  I will let you know…

For the last ten years I have said, “I will never have another credit card for as long as I live.”

I stand corrected.

Never say never.

Unless you do.

And then you can still change your mind.