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One of the questions I get asked often from my students is:  Do I have to pick a niche?

Well, first off, you don't have to do anything.

You can do whatever the heck you feel like doing.

I usually recommend that coaches find a niche, because that is what has worked so well for me.

Is it required?

Of course not.

I have seen coaches who specialize in many different areas do very well not picking a niche.

But, here are my reasons for why I think it is a very good idea (at least in the beginning):

-It narrows your target market so you aren't so overwhelmed trying to please everyone.

-It helps you focus on a specific topic really well instead of trying to do everything  fair.

-It makes writing a one page plan easier because the topics are limited.

-It gives you a “muse” or a specific client to think about when you are creating.

-It helps you say no to clients/projects that might be distracting or take you off task

-It helps you get known for something

-It makes it easier to become an expert

-It makes it easier to write a book and create products

Most of all, picking a niche gives you a focus and a plan.  It keeps you moving towards something specific that will help people. It takes the focus off of making money and building a clientele, and puts it on creating something of value to offer.

It puts you in a place of proactivity instead of reactivity.


And remember, niching is a marketing technique that deals with symptom work.  Once you get deep into the coaching, the topic will always be the same:thought work.

Pick something you enjoy, something you know something about, and something  you know can help people.

Of course you can always change your mind.  Just begin.