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Not a Beginner Anymore


At The Life Coach School, we are always encouraging our students to allow themselves to be beginners.

We use the example of a toddler learning to walk.  There is no reason to get angry or sad or frustrated when you fall in the beginning.  We encourage them to fall and to fall often.  That is how a toddler learns to walk and that is how we learn to coach-by making mistakes.

But then there comes a time when we are no longer beginners.  We know how to coach.  We have studied and practiced and we “get it” enough to be able to coach from a place of confidence.  It is at this point when the real work of self coaching begins again.

We have a website. We have a blog we are writing once a week. We have a few clients. We have a video with a few hits.  We are done beginning, we are now in the middle place somewhere.

This can be difficult for coaches.

This can be the time when we start wondering what the hell we have gotten ourselves into.  This can be the part when we wonder where are the clients are and why they aren't lining up to be coached.

This is when it is very important to understand the difference between knowing how to coach and knowing how to build your business.

I tell all my students that being a good “technical” coach and understanding the tools and how to hold a space for your client has to be the first priority.

You will get so many clients just by word of mouth.  If you overdeliver and love your clients, they will enjoy the many benefits that coaching has to offer, and they will most likely tell other people they care about to hire you as well.

But once you are solid here, you need to look at your business and have a plan on how to grow it, how to market yourself, and how to create a relationship with the people who are interested in what you are offering.

Once you aren't a beginner coach anymore, you get to be a beginner entrepreneur.

Don't let this surprise you or discourage you.

If you embrace the process and coach yourself through it, you can enjoy a long lasting and very lucrative career.