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Brooke Castillo

Not Your Business


Sorry, but you can’t know what is best for someone else.

You may think you have answers for how they should live their life. But you don’t.

Thinking you do is nothing short of arrogant.

You may think they should stop drinking or overeating or watching so much TV.  You may want them to be kinder or more ambitious or better at cleaning the house.  But you want that because you think you know better.

You don’t.

You have enough work to do in your own life. Don’t you?  What do you want to be better at doing?  Focus on that.

Your judgment of others is hurting you. It’s making you angry. It’s making you crazy because you can’t control them.

You tell yourself it is out of love.  But judgment isn’t loving.  Trying to control isn’t loving.

You don’t have their answers.

You have your answers.

Get to work on those.