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Brooke Castillo

Nothing is Too Good to Be True


I look at my life and wonder how it could possibly get better.

Is my life really as good as I think it is?

Am I delusional?

Is my husband really as cute and kind as I think he is?

Are my kids really this smart and funny?

Did I really get all the best friends in the world?

Is my body really this strong and flexible in a yoga class?

Do I really get to do this for a living?

Are my students really this frickin smart?

The other day, I caught my breath and thought: Maybe my life isn't as good as I think it is. Maybe this is all too good to be true.

Maybe I have taken this thought work a little bit too far.

And then I went to the computer and read this email:



I never send emails, but I want you to know you and your book saved my life.

Thank you.


Why would someone send that if they didn't think it were true?

(It's not. She saved her own life.)

But the fact that my work helped someone in such a profound way is astonishing to me.

So yes, I might be deluding myself and my life might not be as good as I think it is.

But I am going to keep on believing in it just in case.