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How I Earned an Extra $700k with One Emotion

Most people mistakenly believe feelings have nothing to do with business.

The truth is that feelings are the only things that matter. In fact, one feeling earned me $700k.

Interested in feelings now?

Feelings are not soft. Feelings are everything.

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Using the Self Coaching Model to Create Results

I am the creator of the Self Coaching Model (the Model), which is based on science, psychology, and self help.

The foundation of the Model is that our thoughts create our feelings. Our feelings create our actions. Our actions create our results. Circumstances are neutral. That means our feelings create our results.

Money is a result.

If you want more money, you need to change your feelings. If you only change your actions, you will meet so much resistance that you’ll likely fail.

Someone Challenged Me to Make $1 Million with the Model

I was teaching the Model and someone said to me, “If this Model works, why don’t you make a million dollars?”

I thought, “You know what, that’s not a bad idea.”

If the Model works—and I know it does—then why don’t I make $1 Million?

My goal is always to be an example of what is possible using the Model, so I set out to make $1 Million.

I Filled Out the Model for $1 Million

I completed a model with the results I wanted.

I broke out the Model using this framework:

I started by filling out the R line because that’s what I set out to do—make $1 Million. It looked like this:
R – $1 Million

At that point I realized that I was feeling doubt and having thoughts like “I don’t know,” “I don’t know how,” and “I don’t know if a life coach can make this much money.”

This is something I hear so much from my students in Self Coaching Scholars, my monthly coaching program. If you’ve ever set out to do something outside your comfort zone, you know what I’m talking about—feelings of doubt and fear.

From that place of “I don’t know,” I wasn’t taking enough of the right action to generate the result of $1 Million. In fact, I was making about $300k, which I thought was exceptional for a life coach. I didn’t know any other life coaches making more than that, so I told myself I just didn’t know how to do it.

I Hired a Business Coach to Help Me with the “How”

To overcome my doubt about how to make $1 Million as a life coach, I hired a business coach.

My husband immediately reminded me of some people who hire me as a coach and then struggle because they hold on to the doubt about the investment. They get in their own way and don’t listen to or do what I teach them.

My husband told me that if I was going to invest with the business coach, I couldn’t do it from the emotion of doubt. I needed to change the emotion of doubt to the emotion of commitment.

Commitment means doing everything my coach says to do instead of second-guessing from a place of doubt.

The coaching program cost $36k. That was a huge investment in my business. As soon as I changed my emotion from doubt to commitment, I was all in.

The Emotion That Generated an Extra $700k

When I changed my feeling from doubt to commitment, the thought I used for the emotion of commitment was “I’m going to do whatever this coach tells me to do, no matter what.”

I was 100% committed.

The action I took was to do everything my coach told me.

The result was that I made $1 Million ($700k more than I had earned the year before).

Was It the Business Coach or the Emotion?

People will say to me, “Well, that was a good coach, and he had a good system.”

To that I say, “There were 15 other people in the group, and none of them tripled their income as I did. None of them even came close, not because the material wasn’t good, but because they weren’t committed. They didn’t feel that different emotion, so they didn’t follow through.”

Changing that one emotion—from doubt to commitment—is what changed my results.

How to Change Your Emotion to Get the Result You Want

From that experience I saw that different emotions lead to different results.

Many times I’ll have clients and students in Self Coaching Scholars say they want to make $700k, but they also want to be comfortable. Those two things are inherently at odds with each other. You can’t push yourself into new and greater results and stay comfortable.

When you want to evolve into a person who makes three times as much money as you make now, you have to be willing to be uncomfortable. You’re not going to be able to be at peace and feel good all the time while getting massive results.

You have to be willing to try new things and fail repeatedly to get the results you want.

I failed tremendously at many of the things my coach told me to do, but it didn’t matter because I was still committed to the result. That commitment made all the difference.

How to Apply This to Your Life

You may or may not want to make more money. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that you generate the right emotion for the result you want.

So ask yourself two questions:
1. What result do I want?
2. What emotion produces that result?

If you’re feeling fear and doubt, will those emotions produce the result you want?

If you’re feeling apathy, confusion, or anger, will those emotions produce the result you want?

More important than a business plan, a calculation, marketing, or any other tactic in getting the results you want is how you feel.

You need to feel the emotion that fuels the action to produce the result you want.

If you’re wondering how to make sure you feel the correct emotion, you have to use and practice the Self Coaching Model, which I can help you do in Self Coaching Scholars.

This is the secret to creating the result you want in your life—whether it’s $700k or something

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